Why a Career in Welding Could Be a Great Move for You

March 02, 2022

Careers in welding are a great move for people looking for exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding careers where they can use their hands and specialized skills. If you’ve always wanted to travel, have your pick of different specializations in your career, or if you like being judged based on skill, it might be the path for you. Welding classes can set you on the right track to building your skills and discovering what you want to do within the world of welding. Graduates move on to become apprentices to ironworkers, pipefitters, construction millwrights, boilermakers, or welders. The opportunities are vast and you can find the place where you fit best.

If you’re thinking about welding training, it can be helpful to see why your future career could be a rewarding choice for you personally. Read on to learn what the profession has to offer and how you could benefit from it.

Why a Career in Welding Could Be a Great Move for You

You Can Have Travel Opportunities 

  • Welding is a useful skill in many environments, including under water!
  • Some people in the welding industry travel for a living
  • It’s common for welding jobs to pay for travel

Apprentice Welders Can Support one Another 

  • Many online communities exist for welding
  • Sharing and trading advice, information, or opportunities is common
  • The large community can make finding jobs easier

You’ll Be Judged Based on Your Skill Level 

  • Many employers require a hands-on test
  • After your training, you can secure a job with your skills
  • Many positions will not involve judging you primarily on experience level

It’s a Profession that Is Valuable in Many Industries

Students of welding programs can become:

  • Apprentice ironworkers 
  • Apprentice pipefitters
  • Apprentice construction millwrights
  • Apprentice boilermakers 
  • Apprentice welders

Apprentices Get to Learn From Others on the Job

  • Paid positions in the field give you a chance to master the trade
  • You can make connections and contacts in the industry
  • Take your training to the next level by applying it to a real-life situation

It’s Also an Art Form

  • Creative people might choose to expand their welding to include a hobby
  • Metal sculptures can be made using welding skills
  • This is a way to use training to satisfy both artistic and technical pursuits

Fun Fact: About half of all products manufactured in the world have welding as a part of their construction. These products include bridges and computers.

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