3 Exciting Career Paths to Pursue After Welding College

January 08, 2019

If you’re looking for a hands-on career that’s in demand and offers a competitive salary, welding may be a great fit. One great thing about training for a welding career is that you’ll gain skills that can easily be transferred from one industry to another. So, if you choose to attend welding college you’ll have a large variety of career opportunities open to you. Let’s take a look at a few of the most exciting paths you could pursue as a welder.

Many Welders Find Success in the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is among the most popular industries for welders to work in. Since manufacturing is a very broad and diverse field, you can find employment as a welder in many different types of settings. For example, automotive manufacturing, which includes factories where cars, trucks and automotive parts are made, employs many experienced welders, particularly in Ontario. According to Statistics Canada, in Ontario, 18% of welders and related machine operators work in the motor vehicle, body, trailer and parts manufacturing sector, making it the most popular workplace for the province’s welders.

Another popular area where welders can find work is in architectural and structural metals manufacturing. In this sector, welders help assemble metal parts, like window frames, sheet metal, prefabricated buildings and ornamental parts, which are used for constructing buildings and large structures.

Pipeline Welders Work in Remote Areas and Earn a High Income

If you’re the adventurous type and like the idea of working in rugged and remote areas, then you may want to consider a welding career with pipelines. There are more than 840,000 km of pipelines that carry oil and gas across the country. While many of them are concentrated in Western Canada, pipelines stretch across the entire country and extensive pipeline networks can also be found in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

The opportunities for welders in the pipeline industry are twofold. First, when a new pipeline is being constructed there is a large temporary demand for welders. Then, when a pipeline is completed, it still requires a team of welders to maintain and repair it. Because pipeline welders travel extensively and to very remote areas, they are compensated with a higher income compared to welders working in other sectors.

Welding Careers in Shipbuilding Are In High Demand

If you’ve ever dreamed of working on or near a ship, then a job as a welder at a shipyard may be especially rewarding. Fortunately, now is a great time to find employment as a welder in a shipyard. That’s because the federal government is currently investing a lot of resources into shipbuilding thanks to its National Shipbuilding Strategy, which is a 30-year, multibillion-dollar program to renew Canada’s fleet of Navy and Coast Guard ships.

Because of the size of the program, it is likely to lead to increased demand for welders in places that have large shipbuilding operations. In fact, Nova Scotia is projected to have the strongest demand for welders in the country largely thanks to the shipyards located in Halifax. If you’re willing to relocate to the East Coast after welding college, then a career in a shipyard could be particularly promising.

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