Considering Welder Training? 3 Reasons Why Your Skills Are In Such High Demand

October 06, 2023

welder training grad working

Job security is an essential factor for career seekers interested in the trades. Indeed, before enrolling in career training, you want to know that your skills will be in high demand upon graduation. Welding is an appealing career path for several reasons. It’s a skill that can open doors for you in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive. As many welders retire, job seekers hold on to misconceptions about the role, industry growth continues, and opportunities abound. Keep reading to learn why the skills you’ll learn in our Structural and Pressure Vessel Welder Diploma will make you a sought-after candidate. 

1. An Aging Welder Population Has Made Room for New Workers

Like many industries, many retirements among welders have caused a labour gap. According to 2022 data, the average age for welders is 55, meaning that many workers in the industry are preparing for retirement. This is an advantage to you if you’re considering this career path as many positions open up, but returning older welders is not the only contributing factor. When searching for the right career, projected industry growth is also essential.

welder training grad waiting for retirement
Retiring welders leave opportunities to you after you graduate from welder college.

2. The Rapid Growth of Canada’s Manufacturing Industry

Welder training at North American Trade Schools has an interdisciplinary scope, meaning your skills will help you find work in several industries. One field in particular offers candidates many appealing opportunities. 

In Canada, the manufacturing industry has been growing steadily due to the rapid globalization of markets, fewer trade barriers, and high demand. To aid industrial production, welders in the manufacturing industry must join metal pieces together to create a wide array of products, make repairs, and reinforce structures.

welder training grad welding a metal frame
Welder courses will prepare you to benefit from a growing manufacturing industry.

3. Welder Training Opens You Up to Growth and Advancement

You may be wondering, why aren’t new trades workers rushing to fill welding positions? Misconceptions about the industry keep positions available. Some career seekers falsely label welding as a ‘dead-end’ field, but on the contrary, there is plenty of opportunity for continued growth and advancement. Some also believe the work of welders to be monotonous. Still, in reality, welder college leads to opportunities for work in several fields and a wide array of exciting tasks that significantly contribute to Canada’s infrastructure. 

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