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4 Tips for First-Year Apprentices Working Towards Electrician Certification

January 22, 2020

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After you complete a pre-apprenticeship program you can seek out an electrician apprenticeship, where you get paid while learning on the job. In Ontario it can take up to five years to complete an apprenticeship during which you will learn the tools of the trade from professionals. An apprenticeship also includes some more time in the classroom and is a necessary step to becoming a licensed electrician.

Before you start your apprenticeship, you may have an idea of what it will be like, but there are a few points that may help you adjust to on-the-job training. Also, depending on which province you apprentice in, there might be loans to buy tools as you start and grants to support you during your classroom hours. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you during your first year as an apprentice. 

1. Ask Questions

While it is true that you are doing a job and you are getting paid, an apprenticeship is still training and it is a great time to ask questions. Professionals know that you are learning to become a maintenance electrician and should be prepared to explain tools and procedures to you. This may be as simple as asking “what’s next?” and “why?” Electricians have experiential and sometimes highly specialized knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. This is why they may have special insight and it is worth asking for as much information as you can get.  

2. Record Your Hours 

When you are on your way to electrician certification it will be necessary to record your hours and ensure that they are counted toward the completion of your apprenticeship. The same way you will have to keep up to date with electrical codes and regulations as an electrician, you should stay up to date on your progress as an apprentice. Not only is this necessary, it also helps you keep track of how much you’ve learned.

As you learn from professionals, make sure all your work hours are counted properly
As you learn from professionals, make sure all your work hours are counted properly

3. Stay Healthy

You will get a sense of the physical demands in the first year of your apprenticeship and many electricians say it is important to stay in good shape. Electrician work can involve a lot of movement, stretching and lifting. You will be able to work longer and better in your career if you are healthy. The first year of your apprenticeship is a great time to work exercise into your routine, and make sure you are having nutritious meals.  

4. If You Want to Become a Maintenance Electrician, Take Your Work Seriously

Electricians are highly respected skilled trades people and play an important role in construction and maintenance. When you begin your apprenticeship, remember that you have a big responsibility. It is important to do basic things like show up on time for jobs, but it is also important to remember that you are responsible for maintaining safety standards in whatever setting you work. The more seriously you take your work during the first year, the more you’ll develop good habits in your career that can help you land additional work in the future.

Your apprenticeship is your chance to prove that you are serious about your work
Your apprenticeship is your chance to prove that you are serious about your work

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