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5 Skills You’ll Need to Become a Home Inspector

August 10, 2020

5 Skills You'll Need to Become a Home Inspector

A career in home inspection doesn’t just involve understanding how the various systems and areas of a house work. You’ll need to have several other types of skills under your belt as well. You’ll want to be sure you’ve mastered these skills in order to make sure the home is in the best possible condition.

From understanding electrical systems and roofing, to effectively drafting reports and communicating to buyers, a successful home inspection career is made of many different things. Here are five skills necessary for success in your home inspection career.

Firstly, a Strong Understanding of the Craft Is Necessary

It goes without saying that understanding how home inspections work, as well as having a foundation in construction, is needed in order to succeed as a home inspector. You should be able to understand how various aspects of construction work, as well as the procedures of a home inspection and which tools are necessary for expediting the process. With any home inspection career, technical knowledge is key—whether it’s with structural components, heating, insulation, roofing, or any other area of a home.

Technical knowledge of various aspects, like insulation, is important

Being an Excellent Communicator Is Also a Major Plus

The bedrock of any home inspection is the ability of the inspector to explain to the prospective buyer what the results of the inspection were, and how ready it is for the buyer. This is important not only for verbal communication, but for written reports as well. Anyone hoping to become a home inspector will need to be a great communicator in order to provide the most detailed report possible. Effective communication will help reassure potential buyers that they’ve chosen the right home, and that all systems are a go for them to move in.

A Good Eye for Problems Is Huge for Your Home Inspector Career

If you aren’t able to deftly identify and diagnose problems with the home, you’ll have a hard time finding success. The ability to detect issues in any kind of home, and know what is necessary to fix them, is crucial. It’s important to understand not only how each component functions, but what factors would make a repair or full replacement necessary. Alerting prospective buyers to any issues that could delay them moving in—or even make the home unappealing for them—is essential.

An ability to identify problems quickly and effectively is crucial

Understand the Importance of Time Management

Another significant aspect of your home inspector career is being able to manage your time effectively. Not only will you be trying to manage how much time you spend actually inspecting the home, but you’ll need to take into account how long it will take for you to travel there. You will also need to consider how much time you’ll need to get reports ready, and how much time will be necessary for all processes to be complete.

Problem-Solving Skills Are Also a Major Asset in This Career

Lastly, one of the other keys to success in home inspection is the ability to problem-solve. You’ll need to showcase these abilities throughout your inspection, especially when something is not quite right in the home. It’s important to analyze what issues may occur during the inspection, and be able to quickly come up with solutions. A strong attention to detail is also beneficial, as you’ll want to carefully go through each area with a fine-toothed comb so that all potential issues with the property are accurately identified.

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