A Day in the Life of a Professional with Welding Technician Training

April 26, 2022

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For an individual who’s aspiring to have a successful and rewarding career, becoming a professional welder may be the right path for you. Welding is a fabrication process that uses heat and pressure to join metals or thermoplastics together. A welding career can take you to many different industries, from manufacturing, construction and mining to the aerospace, shipbuilding and military industries. 

At North American Trade Schools, you’ll get hands-on and theoretical training in the welding practice. Through our pre-apprenticeship welding program, you’ll learn how to use modern equipment in welding processes for Gas Metal Arc Welding, Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and more. So, what’s it like having a welding career? Read on to find out!

After Your Welding Classes, Keep Safety Top of Mind

The first thing you need to know about welding is that as soon as your workday starts, you’ll be changing into your protective uniform and gear. Without the proper protective equipment and gear, you’re at risk of injury on the job site. After you complete your welding classes, you’ll have to make sure that you have fire-resistant clothing and gloves, as well as a protective helmet and N95 mask. You’ll then check your assigned projects and see what needs to be done for the day. At the same time, you’ll be collaborating with your co-workers and supervisors to ensure that everyone operates safely in the workspace and that the welding process runs smoothly.

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After your welding classes, you’ll start your day by getting into the proper protective gear

Expect Excitement Each Day of Your Welding Career

If you’re looking for dynamic work that keeps you busy, then you’re in luck! After you complete your welding technician training, you’ll find yourself working in a career that’s full of interesting opportunities, different settings, and varying working hours. You may get to work on a variety of tasks throughout the day, including joining metals together, cutting through materials, repairing holes for different structures, and more. So, a long day goes by more quickly than you think. 

Your career won’t just lead to work in indoor spaces or scaffolding but will give you the chance to apply your skills to outside environments–sometimes in extreme or volatile conditions. You can be sure to get your adrenaline pumping as you work away on the job. So whether you’re working as a Welder, Welder Fitter, Boilermaker, Construction Millwright or Ironworker, your day will be full of excitement. As you shift from one welding project to the next, expect variety in your daily work and the potential to develop your career as an expert in different settings.

welding technician training
Your welding career will get to work in confined spaces and outdoors as well

Your Day Ends the Same Way as it Started

Just like how you started, you’ll have to ensure the correct safety procedures are followed before you leave for the day. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure that everything is ready for other welders and for the next day of operations. You’ll have to ensure that your welding job has been completed properly and that no issues have been left unresolved. Take the time to check that all the welding equipment and tools have been switched off and stored properly. It’ll be up to you to ensure that your work area is clean for the next day and with no hazardous materials left around. That way, you’ll be ready to start the next day on the job safely and efficiently. 

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