A Day in the Life of a Pro with HVAC Technician Training

February 08, 2022

If you enjoy working with your hands and like the idea of servicing heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems, then a career in the HVAC industry is the right choice for you. You’ll apply your hands-on training and practical skills towards a successful and dynamic career. But in order to do so, it’s a good idea to understand what a typical day is like working in the industry.

At NATS, we prepare you for the daily job expectations you will encounter throughout your career. You’ll learn the installation and maintenance of gas and propane heating systems, ventilation and air-cooling equipment for both residential and commercial buildings.

Read on to discover what a day in the life of an HVAC technician is like!

The Work Schedule for an HVAC Technician Depends on the Setting

Whether you enjoy working on a consistent schedule or with on-call shifts, jobs in the HVAC industry offer something for everyone. Your work schedule will depend on your form of employment. When you become an HVAC technician after completing your training from NATS, you’ll get the chance to work for a home building, a commercial business or a construction company. This may give you the opportunity to work regular business hours, on a fixed schedule, or simply when your expertise is needed to troubleshoot issues.

The Start of Your Day Can Vary

After you complete your HVAC technician courses from NATS and start your career in the industry, you’ll realize how dynamic your workday can be. When you work in the HVAC industry, you’ll start your day by going into work and checking the pending tasks that require your attention. You’ll then have to use your organizational skills to manage your schedule and arrange the time to attend to these tasks based on importance. 

On the other hand, if you want to become a self-employed contractor, then your day will begin by checking emails or voice messages and answering phone calls from customers requiring your services. No matter how your day starts, you should be prepared to carry your safety gear and tools and start heading over to the locations that require your services. 

As an HVAC Technician, you’ll start your day by going to your workplace and checking the tasks for the day

Prepare Yourself for Different Working Conditions

Working in the HVAC industry allows you to experience different working conditions and different settings. With professional training from NATS, you’ll be prepared to handle the different issues that you may face throughout your career. More specifically, you’ll learn how to check airflow, refrigerant pressure, electrical circuits, burners and other components for various clients. You’ll also be prepared to work safely and efficiently in more challenging work conditions, such as extreme temperatures. 

You’ll get to experience different working conditions when you work in the HVAC industry

For example, you may have to repair broken furnaces in the middle of winter, when temperatures drop significantly, or repair the air conditioning of a residential or commercial building. Since no one task is the same, you’ll find an exciting and engaging career that puts your skills to the test on a daily basis. 

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