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How Has COVID Impacted Home Renovation Trends? Here’s a Look for Students in Home Renovation Training

October 27, 2020

Home Renovation TrainingThe global pandemic has shifted many of our behaviours, including the amount of time people are spending at home. Due to social distancing and isolation rules, people are forced to stay within the confines of their houses more than ever before, leading many to examine their surroundings with a more scrutinizing eye. 

Whether it’s due to boredom, lots of unused vacation budget to burn, or from a genuine dissatisfaction with their surroundings, people seem to be engaging in a lot more home renos since the pandemic hit. To learn more about what kinds of renos they’re opting for, let’s check it out!

The Shift from Open Concept to Closed-off Living Spaces

Ever since the pandemic began boxing families in together to an unnatural degree, many people have been expressing an interest in moving into new construct homes. According to a recent survey, requests for these new builds are overwhelmingly for designs that have more rooms with closed doors—a move away from the open concept home with a combined kitchen, dining area, and living room. The design trend is clearly connected to the need to spread family members out into more areas of the house so that everyone can work or study from home in privacy and peace.

The Home Office Reno 

As a result of the work from home shift, many design and reno pros are receiving requests to help homeowners create more private spaces for work and study. Basements, guestrooms, pool sheds, and other spaces are being converted into home offices, learning rooms, or play areas for those with smaller children. Existing rooms are also being converted to accommodate the new normal, with corners of bedrooms and dining rooms as examples of home areas being fashioned into small, functional workspaces.

Home renovation course
Solutions are often requested to make more functional spaces for home-based working and studying

The Need to Create “Staycation” Spaces

With no clear end to the pandemic in sight, one trend noted by experts is a transformation of the home into the ultimate staycation spot. People who decide to spend on these luxury changes are often sitting on cash they’d saved up for a vacation, choosing to spend it on home improvements instead. Unlike the functional home office reno, the objective with the “staycation” home reno is to make some part of the home feel more luxurious to provide the feeling of relaxation one might expect on a vacation. 

home renovation school
Lots of homeowners are splurging to transform their home into a staycation oasis

Pros seasoned in home renovation technician training can put their combined electrical, plumbing, and carpentry chops to work to help these homeowners realize their visions. One of the most common pandemic staycation splurges observed by reno pros is the full backyard overhaul to include more luxe outdoor seating and dining spaces, with lots of new decks, patios, pools, and hot tubs getting installed. Home cinema and game room requests are other examples of pandemic bonus-room spends.

The Long-Haul Reno Requested of Pros with Home Renovation Training Backgrounds

Some designers have noticed a trend in homeowners who’ve already made major purchases—such as a pool installation or complete patio re-design—placing advanced requests for ongoing improvements to their new space. As the seasons change, many people want to keep enjoying their outdoor spots by adding a few extra creature comforts. As a result, those with home renovation training backgrounds are using their know-how to meet lots of requests for outdoor fire pits and cozy patio fireplaces as homeowners look to extend the use of their outdoor spaces. 

Homeowners are also putting advance requests in for ponds, entertainment rooms, outdoor gaming areas, and other projects they can look forward to—a clear move to make the home a more entertaining and enjoyable area for the family to spend time in, with the pandemic remaining unpredictable in how it might impact our habits in the days ahead.

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