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How Home Renovation Training Can Prepare You to Build Home Additions

January 29, 2019

Home additions are among the most complex of home renovation tasks. As a result, home additions require many different professionals to get the work done efficiently. Such professionals can include carpenters, electricians, plumbers and home renovation technicians. If you’re considering a career in the trades, you could potentially find yourself working on at least a few home addition projects.

You may be wondering how home renovation training can help you prepare for working on a home addition. Here are just some of the skills you’ll learn during your training that you can apply to a home addition project.

Knowledge of Building Codes Can Assist in the Process of Obtaining Permits

Since creating a home addition is a complex task, there will likely be quite a few permits required. For example, permits may be needed for demolition work, new construction, plumbing, electrical work, HVAC and more. Obtaining such permits usually falls under the responsibility of the contractor.

If you choose to pursue a career as a contractor, you’ll definitely need to know and understand building codes. A good home renovation technician school will teach students all about building codes so they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to secure permits once they begin their careers.

NATS home renovation technician students learn about building codes

Home Additions Require Professionals with the Right Skill Set

Because a home addition project is generally a big undertaking, they frequently require professionals who have a range of skills, who are often referred to as home renovation technicians. One of the great things about taking home renovation training, is that it teaches you many different skills, such as carpentry, plumbing, roofing and siding installation. As a home renovation technician, you’ll be the go-to person for addressing basic construction tasks that come up during a home addition project, like plastering, replacing faucets and installing light fixtures.

Home Renovation Training Provides a Foundation for Pursuing Specialized Trades

Alternatively, you can use those same skills as the basis for pursuing a more specialized career, including as an apprentice carpenter or plumber. Specialized tradespeople are needed during home addition projects to tackle the more complex tasks that home renovation technicians can’t complete alone. For instance, your training could be your first step towards becoming a plumber who is needed to rework and extend the piping.

Likewise, you could put the carpentry skills you’ll learn during your training to use. Carpenters often handle fairly large tasks on home addition projects. In fact, they are often the first people on the project and the last ones to leave. At the start of the project, for instance, a carpenter helps create the framing, whereas towards the end of the project, a carpenter will install the trim and crown mouldings.

The carpentry skills taught in home renovation training will help you to build the frame of an addition

Learn to Read Blueprints in Home Renovation Technician School

You’ll learn how to read and interpret blueprints in home renovation school and this knowledge is essential for almost every step of the construction of a home addition. If you’re considering starting your very own construction business, for example, being able to read blueprints can help alert you to issues with a homeowner’s plan that might make it difficult to obtain permits. When you’re actually on the job, regardless of whether you’re focused on carpentry, roofing, plumbing or electrical work, you will need to be able to read blueprints in order to efficiently complete your tasks.

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