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How to Become a Certified Electric Motor System Technician After Electrician School

March 26, 2019

Electric motor system technicians maintain and repair electric motors. Many employers and unions in Ontario require electric motor system technicians to have a Certificate of Qualification. Having certification is often viewed as a major asset and many employers are willing to pay a higher salary to those who have it.

If a career as an electric motor system technician sounds appealing to you, you should know what steps are involved in becoming certified. Certification is offered through the Ontario College of Trades, which sets out the following pathway to certification.

Electric Motor System Technician Apprentices Must Complete 8,000 Hours of Training

To become a certified electric motor system technician, you will need to complete a total of 8,000 hours of apprenticeship training. Of that, 7,520 hours consists of on-the-job training while just 480 hours is in-class technical training. During the on-the-job training portion, you will be employed by a sponsor who will teach you the skills you need to eventually become a certified electric motor system technician. To set up the in-class training component, you’ll need to contact your local apprenticeship office.

Electric motor system technician certification requires 7,520 hours of on-the-job experience

Once you complete these 8,000 hours of training, you can receive your Certificate of Apprenticeship. Then, you can take the Certification of Qualification exam, which allows you to become a journeyperson. Becoming a journeyperson means you can command a higher salary and even sponsor electric motor system technician apprentices yourself. The Certification of Qualification is an Interprovincial Red Seal Certification, meaning it is recognized across Canada.

Electrician School Can Help You Complete the On-the-Job Portion of Certification

Given the high number of on-the-job hours you need for certification, work experience is arguably the most important aspect of becoming a certified electric motor system technician. To prove your work experience, you will complete a Schedule of Training with your sponsor during your apprenticeship. This Schedule of Training includes a list of on-the-job skills that you must master, such as being able to set up and operate machines and being able to demonstrate safe working practices.

Going to electrician school can help prepare you to succeed when completing the skill sets in your Schedule of Training. For example, during electrician college, you will learn how to use electrician hand tools, which can help you complete the component of your Schedule of Training that requires apprentices to display proficiency in maintaining and using hand and power tools and equipment.

 Learning how to use hand tools during electrician training can help you meet certification requirements

Furthermore, completing electrician training gives you a big boost when looking for the employers to sponsor you during your apprenticeship. That’s because employers highly value the skills that you will have learned in classes, so they are more likely to be eager to bring you onto their teams. A reputable electrician school will also have established relationships with employers and can help you land a job faster, which means you’ll get started on your work experience component towards electric motor system technician certification quicker.

Are you ready to take the first step towards an electric motor system technician career?

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