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How To Expand Your Business After Home Renovation Training

August 16, 2022

A survey conducted by the online platform Billdr found that 39% of respondents would rather renovate their homes than sell them. This and other market factors reveal an upward trend in home renovation, which is excellent news if you have dreams about starting your own home renovation business. 

You can turn your dreams into reality with the right training and mindset. As the owner of your own home renovation company, you’re not only a qualified builder; first and foremost, you’re a business owner. 

Entrepreneurship comes with many benefits, like the freedom to determine your own hours and who you work with. That being said, as a budding entrepreneur, you might be wondering what you’ll need to do in order to ensure the growth and ongoing success of your home renovation business. Keep reading for a guide to starting your exciting career in home renovation. 

Get the Right Training at Home Renovation School 

Home renovation involves advanced knowledge of different parts, techniques, tools and equipment. While some people manage to pick up all the skills they need through hands-on experience, getting a diploma from a home renovation school is a much easier way to start. In the Home Renovation Technician program at NATS, you can expect to learn all the fundamentals of building work, such as basic plumbing, carpentry, interior and exterior finishes, cabinetry, star construction, stair installation, and roof construction. This kind of training will prepare you to take on a range of complex projects with confidence in your home renovation business.

Home renovation training is the best starting point for an aspiring business owner.

Make a Plan With Specific Goals 

After you’ve become a home renovation technician, it’s time to make a specific plan. Your plan should take several factors into account, including home renovation trends in your area, the strengths and weaknesses of your business, quantified objectives, predictions, and actionable steps to get there. Perhaps you’re familiar with the SMART model for effective goal setting. You’ll want to set business goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Consider writing a business plan to provide yourself with a clear direction and more focus. Perhaps you want your business to specialize in a certain area of home renovation, or reach a specific clientele base. Identifying your goals is the first step to realizing them.  

Use Technology to Reach New Clients

While you should never underestimate the importance of word of mouth, technology is every business owner’s most valuable resource. It might be a pain to keep up with social media, build a website, and pay for online ads, but with over 96% of Canada’s population regularly using the internet, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to reach clients online. Whether you post pictures of your great work on social media or you reach your ideal buyer through targeted marketing, you’ll be sure to increase the number of eyes on your business. If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy, remember that you can always outsource your marketing to another company.

Invest in your online presence once you become a home renovation technician.

Choose Your Team Carefully  

As discussed briefly, one of the best parts of entrepreneurship is your ability to choose who you work with. As your business grows, you won’t be able to get it all done by yourself. However, even after you hire a group of professionals to help you with your projects, you might notice an urge to jump in to make sure everything’s going smoothly. This makes sense–your business is like a baby you’ve been nurturing for years and you want to protect it. However, micromanagement quickly becomes extremely inefficient. Invest as much time as it takes to find qualified team members who you can actually trust on your projects. 

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