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How to Turn Your Passion Into a Career with Home Renovation School

March 01, 2022

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Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you like trying out fun DIY projects around the house that resonate with your personality and bring out the best in you? Do you love staying up to date on the latest home renovation trends? Then why don’t you let that passion be nourished through training in home renovations. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the skills needed to turn your passion into a real career.

At NATS, you’ll get hands-on training and experience in home renovations, where you’ll learn about carpentry, plumbing, wood finishing, and more. Read on to get a sneak peek at what following your passion could look like.

You Could Upgrade Pantries When You Become a Home Renovation Technician

When people work from home, they tend to look around their space and wonder how it might be made into something just a little more comfortable. That has led to quite a few new trends in the home renovation space, including a greater focus on spacious kitchens and stunning pantries.

As people spend more time at home, they tend to store more food and cook more. That’s why you’ll notice beautifully designed pantries making their way into the kitchen (or right next to it!) when you become a home renovation technician. Today’s pantries don’t just store food and beverages, with maybe a few dishes or cleaning products thrown in. Many have now become walk-in spaces that can also accommodate small appliances, cooking equipment, and even sinks! After graduation, you may get to work on these kinds of dream pantries.

become a home renovation technician
When you become a home renovation technician, you’ll notice how pantries are in demand and getting bigger!

Open Floor Plans May be a Thing of the Past

An open floor concept seems more spacious, don’t you think? Well, while that may be true, people have slightly different priorities now. Abandoning the open floor plan is the new trendy thing to do, which is why you might get to work on these kinds of projects after you complete your home renovation training.

Since working from home is becoming a trend in its own right, homeowners want to bring a little bit of privacy back into their lives. With an open space, homeowners don’t have the luxury of separating their office space from their personal space. That’s why they’re taking their lives back by adding in walls to create private nooks, study spaces, and home offices. You’ll enjoy working on this new trend as you listen to your customers describe their dream space.

The Bathroom Has Been Added Onto Many’s Most Wanted List

Believe it or not, the bathroom is now also a top priority within the home renovation space. Whether using it as a mini spa space, a brief retreat from kids, or as a quiet place to decompress for a moment, today’s bathroom has taken on an important role within many households.

home renovation school
Bathroom renovations are becoming a big trend as more homeowners work from home

As a  result, you may get to work on quite a few bathroom upgrades during your career in home renovations. Your clients might want you to replace their bathrooms’ countertops, cabinetry, tubs, and more. So, you’ll get to put your carpentry and plumbing skills to the test, as you renovate bathrooms to make them more luxurious and relaxing.

Turn your passion for creativity and home renovation into a rewarding career with training at NATS!

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