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In Home Renovation School? Check Out These Popular Renovation Trends in 2022

December 21, 2021

There are always new and upcoming trends in home renovation that reflect various aspects of social life at the time. In the 1940s, sentimental designs such as delicate floral trends and ruffled drapes replaced the previously common cooler accents to help homeowners shift gears after the war years. In the 1960s, the trend shifted to more clean lines throughout the home, seen in framing and upholstery trends, which reflected the movement of “less is more” that became common in this decade.

While you can surely identify certain trends from decades passed, they often cycle and once again become popular in home renovation. If you’re considering a Home Renovation Technician Diploma Program, you will learn the skills needed for carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, and more. Read on to discover the home renovation trends for 2022 and how you can utilize them once you start your career.

Sustainable Materials Are on Trend to Become More Widely Used

As the world becomes more aware of the heavy environmental impact our lives have on the planet, homeowners are opting to use more sustainable materials such as cork, reclaimed wood, recycled plastics, and more. Whereas in the past these materials were seen as less reliable, the public is beginning to understand the reality of these materials that are designed for longevity and functionality.

Throughout your home renovation training, you will get to participate in a number of labs that introduce you to important tools such as the table saw, miter saw, drill press, band saw, and more. Understanding how to use these tools, along with which materials they work best on, will help guide you as you decide to use these trending sustainable materials as you renovate the homes of your future clients. These hands-on skills, as well as the guidance you will receive from your career training at NATS through mock interviews and job market searches, will set you up for success as you enter the job market well-prepared.

After your home renovation training, you may come across the home renovation trend of using more sustainable materials

Large Entertainment Spaces to Satisfy Both Parents and Kids

Over the last couple of years, homes have become much more than a place to eat and sleep. Individuals and families now spend more time at home ever since the start of the pandemic, needing dedicated spaces to work, relax, play, and socialize. 2022 trends will see an increase in these dedicated spaces that allow both adults and children to find space to entertain themselves.

Successful construction projects that create these types of spaces depend on accurate calculations. When you pursue a home renovation diploma, you will complete a course designed to help you master basic and construction mathematics–ensuring the success of future jobs. Combining these skills with the practical experience you will acquire in your Material Estimating and Cost Analysis course will help you complete each construction job with accuracy as you navigate the cost of materials and bring your plan to life.

Floor plans with large, dedicated spaces for both adults and kids to find entertainment are on-trend for 2022

Create a Playful Yet Elegant Style With Art-Deco Patterns After Home Renovation School

After you decide to attend home renovation school, you will want to get an understanding of the whole picture for your home renovation jobs, including decor styling. Trending in 2022 are the art-deco patterns, which were born post-WWII and offer a sense of optimism and hope for the future as individuals are willing to embrace these bold, new ideas.

Your diploma program will place emphasis on the fields of basic plumbing, carpentry, cabinet making, and stair and roof construction, as well as interior and exterior finishes. These are all important aspects of pulling together a home renovation project and will help make your full vision come to life.

With various payment options, rolling start dates, and a focus on hands-on, practical training, our home renovation technician training will give you the flexibility you need to complete your projects in no time.

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