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Industry Trends to Watch for After Electrician Training

May 17, 2022

Trends are always changing for industries as they adopt new technology and sustainability initiatives. This is especially true for the electrical industry, which seems to be moving at a tremendous pace towards a bright future. For an aspiring electrician who’s pursuing a career in the electrical industry, it’s important to be aware of the new trends that are shaping the industry today. The electrical industry is making strides in innovative solutions that will make your career that much more exciting.

At NATS, you’ll get hands-on training through our Construction and Maintenance Electrician program. You’ll learn wiring, service installation, code interpretation, conduit bending, and more for residential, commercial and industrial electricity, as you prepare yourself for upcoming trends in the industry. So, read on to learn more about some of the top industry trends!

Smart Cities Will Be a Big Hit After Your Electrician Training

The electrical industry will see a rising trend in the use and implementation of the smart city framework. A smart city is considered a network made up of information and communication technologies that deliver smart sustainable efforts directed at challenges affecting a growing urban population. A smart city gives the people and their governing bodies the power to make better choices for themselves. 

After you complete your electrician training, you’ll be amazed at how a smart city allows people to receive, analyze and oversee data in real-time, which helps them make important decisions that improve their quality of life. Residents of a smart city can monitor their electricity usage and energy consumption through their smartphones and be connected to electrical companies that can also monitor data in real-time. This will help resolve any electrical issues as they occur while improving sustainability and reducing cost. 

Watch out for smart cities on the rise after your electrician training

The Arrival of Augmented Reality to Help With Electrical Work

With the use of augmented reality (AR) being utilized in various industries, it’s about time the electrical industry got on board as well. Augmented reality is becoming a useful technological advancement that’s making its way into the electrical industry, as it helps with electrical projects and tasks. After finishing your training at an electrician school, you may get to wear one of these devices on the job. 

Augmented reality can help you plan out an electrical project as you see its conceptual design right in front of you. You can use AR to assist you in planning for electrical wiring at a residential, commercial or industrial building, or to determine how to fix a faulty electrical panel. AR also gives you the flexibility of offering support to fellow electricians or trainees while they’re working on a project, without you having to be present. 

Augmented Reality is already helping electricians with projects on buildings

Sustainable Materials Are Becoming Major Players in the Industry

With customers becoming more conscious of the environment, it has become imperative for many industries to develop innovative solutions that will allow them to offer sustainable and eco-friendly products and services to customers. The electrical industry is also answering that call. 

As an electrician, you’ll probably be making environmentally conscious strides throughout your career as you work on implementing and installing energy-efficient products for different types of buildings or within smart cities. Electrical companies are also shifting their focus toward sustainable operations and offering transparency within their business practices, as they meet consumer demands for energy-saving initiatives. 

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