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Infographic: 4 Awesome Benefits of Trades Careers

November 20, 2019

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Are you thinking about a new career? Whether you’re just out of school or you’re thinking of switching paths, you may want to consider a career in the trades.

Canada is currently facing a shortage of skilled trades people. Despite offering an opportunity to enjoy a high standard of living, trades careers aren’t attracting enough new professionals to meet demand. This is mainly due to outdated stereotypes about “blue collar” jobs, such as them being low-paid or unsatisfying. But forget what you think you know about the trades! Surveys of people in the construction trades, for example, finds that they are happier in their careers than other Canadians.

And pursuing a career in the trades doesn’t mean you have to give up a great pay cheque for the sake of your passion. Trades people also earn impressively high salaries. After finishing electrician training, for example, you could eventually make over $63,000, which is the average salary for electricians in Canada.

Still not convinced that a career in the trades is a great idea? Check out this infographic about 4 awesome benefits of a trades career.

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4 Awesome Benefits of Trades Careers

1. Trades Careers Are Hands-On

Not too keen about sitting behind a computer all day?

Trades careers allow you to work with your hands every day

Build things you can be proud of

Tackle new and exciting challenges

Trades careers involve working in a variety of interesting settings

2. Trades Workers Are In Demand

Canada is facing a skilled labour shortage

The construction industry alone will have 44,100 unfilled job vacancies by 2028

Unfilled industrial maintenance jobs are expected to be almost as high

In Ontario, 91,100 construction workers will retire by 2028

Only 77,800 new entrants will be available to replace them

If you want a job that is in extremely high demand, join the trades!

3. Trades Careers Pay Well

Think a career in the trades doesn’t pay well? Think again!

A shortage of trades workers has fueled impressive wage growth

Check out these average Canadian salaries for in-demand trades:

  • Electrician: $63,236
  • Plumber: $63,345
  • HVAC Mechanic: $58,500
  • Roofer: $56,550
  • Carpenter: $52,296
  • Welding: $50,700

In the trades, experience counts:

Experienced trades workers on average make up to $91,163 per year

4. Earn While You Learn

Don’t want to wait through 4 years of schooling before making money?

Pre-apprenticeship programs take less time to complete!

Once you become a trades apprentice, you’ll earn while you learn

Apprentices work under the supervision of a certified tradesperson


There are so many reasons to pursue a career in the trades!

Discover which option would best suit your interests.



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