Infographic: Things you Need to Know About Pursuing a Career in Home Renovation

April 07, 2021

Home renovation is an exciting choice for study and for a professional path. When you pursue home renovation as a career, you allow yourself to keep learning every day and develop skills that help people, while allowing you to see tangible results from your efforts. Home renovation school equips you with the skills you need to succeed, such as the basics of plumbing, carpentry, and stair construction.

There are some things that end up being very important after home renovation technician training that may surprise you. For example, communication is much more important than many realize, and you may spend quite a bit of your time speaking with homeowners. You also will need to be aware of tasks like record-keeping and managing dust, in addition to the various tasks you are responsible for.

If you’re curious about home renovation as a career and wondering what you need to know before chasing your dream, read on to learn more!



Things you Need to Know About Pursuing a Career in Home Renovation


It Involves a lot of Different Tasks


  • Basic plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Interior and exterior finishes
  • Basic cabinetmaking
  • Stair construction and installation
  • Roof construction

These are all skills taught through hands-on training in a home renovation program. You may choose to specialize in your career!

Did you know? Kitchen renovations are a place many homeowners start to add value to their home.


You’ll Keep Learning


  • No two homes are exactly alike
  • You may work with others who have more experience
  • You can solve problems and learn from challenges

Fun Fact: Basement suites are becoming more of a common renovation, as rising interest rates are creating a need for supplemental income.


Keeping Records Is Important


  • Contracts are written records of agreements
  • Records protect both you and the homeowner
  • Keep a record of payment
  • Keep copies of the emails or messages you exchange with homeowners
  • Confirm information in writing using follow-up messages


You Will Make Mistakes Sometimes


  • Things can go wrong on projects
  • Owning up to the mistake right away is the professional response
  • Communicate with the homeowner clearly
  • Find a way to correct your work
  • This approach makes you more trustworthy overall


Homeowners Are Curious


  • Many people enjoy receiving tips and information on their homes
  • Explaining your choices helps homeowners trust you
  • Help people take better care of their homes


You’ll Find Dust Becomes an Issue


  • The biggest cause of mess in home renovation is dust
  • Dust spreads easily and gets in vents in homes
  • You will benefit from techniques like covering vents




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