Make Sure You Have the Gear You Need for Your Welding Career

January 09, 2019

Welding is a fun career not only because you get to work with your hands, but also because you get to work with a bunch of interesting gear. From implements used in the welding itself to the protective gear necessary for keeping you safe and sound on the job, there is a fair amount of equipment that welders will need – or just want – to acquire for their career.

Curious about what you’ll need for your own welding work? Here’s a look at some of the main items that new welders should focus on picking up.

You’ll Need to Get a Good Welding Helmet for Your Welding Career

Welding helmets are iconic for good reason – they keep welders’ eyes and faces safe, and are mandatory on job sites across the country. As a first step in accumulating your welding gear, then, it might be best to go with a good welding helmet.

When choosing a shade, there’s a decision to be made between getting a solid shade and an auto-darkening shade. The former is less expensive, and the latter a bit more useful, since you can see what you’re welding. Odds are, even if it hurts the wallet at first to get the auto-darkening shade, you’ll appreciate having done so as your career progresses, so consider getting the auto-darkening version instead.

A good welding helmet is essential equipment for your welding career

Welding Clamps Are Hugely Important, So Get a Few

Done correctly, welding joins metal together in a way that keeps the finished product strong, durable, and clean. All of these aspects wash away, though, if the metal isn’t kept stable during the welding process. Even the best welder training won’t make up for materials slipping, uncontrollably warping, or otherwise moving out of place.

The solution is to get some good clamps. A few clamps can be enough to keep the material you’re working with secure while you weld, and they should last a good length of time once you buy. If you’re not sure what kind of clamps to get, or what you should expect to pay for a good set, don’t be shy to reach out to the professionals teaching your welding program. With their many years of workplace experience, they will no doubt have some good recommendations to help you pick the right clamps for the job.

You’ll Want Good Safety Clothing After Finishing Your Welder Training

welding career involves a lot of standing in the midst of hot, flying sparks. Since human skin doesn’t take kindly to encountering that kind of thing, one of the most important acquisitions to make after your training is safety clothing.

That means thick gloves, safety glasses, and ideally some sort of body protection. This can be a welding jacket, apron, or bib made of heavy leather, or at the very least an outfit made from natural fibres like wool, leather, or cotton. These are more resilient in the face of high heat than synthetic fibres, which can melt in the same situation.

Safety clothing is best for welders looking to keep themselves safe on the job

Safety should be a top concern of yours in your career, and while welding school will allow you to get plenty of instruction and hands-on practice with all the safety protocols you’ll need to know, it’s important to remember that investment in the right gear is an important element, too. Make sure you get the right outfit to ensure you have a long, productive, and rewarding welding career going forward.

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