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Multi-Generational Home Renovations: A New Trend You Might See After Home Renovation College

July 24, 2018

With rising property prices, as well as the many benefits associated with bringing nuclear and extended family closer together, multi-generational family homes are on the rise. In fact, there are approximately 2.2 million people who are living in multi-generational homes in Canada today.

With several family members packed into the same home, specific accommodations are often needed to make these living arrangements comfortable. This has lead to a rising trend in multi-generational home renovations and remodelling to better accommodate grandparents, aunts, uncles, and adult children.

Keep reading to learn about the various ways professional home renovation technicians might go about remodelling homes for multi-generational families.

What Clients Consider When Planning to Renovate a Multi-Generational Home

When several family members live under the same roof, there’s bound to be some concern about privacy and comfort. As a result, planning a multi-generational home renovation project will often involve taking into account the amount of rooms and spaces that family members can use to get some time alone. They also need include a reasonable amount of open space to help with the circulation of family around the house, and sometimes several living areas for them to gather and interact.

Overcrowding areas can be a problem for multi-generational families!

Multi-generational households are bound to get noisy, and bathrooms will start to fill up quickly. Graduates of home renovation college will likely recommend that clients consider soundproof insulation, as well as upping the amount of washrooms to make the living situation more suitable for the entire family. Heating and cooling is also a major concern for clients who have to consider how certain family members might have different preferences with regard to setting the temperature of their space.

Accessibility is a Major Factor in Multi-Generational Home Renovation

One of the biggest concerns for clients looking to renovate their homes to meet the needs of a multi-generational family is accessibility. Funneling everyone through one or two doors isn’t exactly convenient for large families living under the same roof, so home renovation technicians will often need to create additional entrances.

Home renovation technicians may also be asked to make these entrances easy to access for grandparents and other seniors who may have difficulty walking or use a wheelchair. They may also need to install bars, benches and handles in showers and near the toilet to make bathrooms easier for older family members to use.

Home Renovation College Graduates Can Expect to Remodel Kitchens in Multi-Generational Homes

A kitchen is already a busy place in a regular sized household, so clients and home renovation technicians will often consider altering and expanding it to accommodate the flow of people in and out of that space. Storage space is also a major concern for clients looking to renovate these kinds of homes, as is having room for many family members to prepare their meals.

Large kitchen countertops provide plenty of space for the whole family

When you become a renovation technician, you can create more storage space in kitchens by installing cabinets with drawers. Unlike cabinets with shelves, drawers can store more items and are easier for family members to access in a busy house. Home renovation technicians may also discuss building a kitchen counter top with two sinks with clients, so that it is easier for more family members to prepare food in that area.

Open kitchen concepts are also common inside many multi-generational homes because of how they make the space more accessible to everyone. One layout that home renovation technicians might recommend to their clients is a linear one, which puts the sink and other kitchen appliances near the back wall, and leaves a central counter that can be converted into a temporary dining or buffet table.

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