Opportunities for Career Advancement After Welding College

March 29, 2022

welding college

Welding professionals are responsible for joining metal parts together for different types of metal structures, including buildings, power plants, ships, pipelines and refineries. Training to become a Welder is a great way to secure a successful and rewarding career that you can be proud of.

At NATS, you’ll receive hands-on training in Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW or ‘MIG’), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW or ‘TIG’), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW or ‘Stick’). You’ll also learn techniques for basic joint welding, welding preparation, weld symbols and much more. Upon completing your training, this experience will prepare you to pursue a wealth of opportunities within the welding sector. You can begin your career in a junior position, and then gradually advance to other positions as you gain experience and skills.

Here, learn more about the career advancement opportunities you can access later in your career.

Become a Welding Inspector After Welding College

After several years of working as a welding professional, you may consider advancing your career and becoming a Welding Inspector. As a Welding Inspector, you’ll be managing other welders, with the responsibility of ensuring that all job specifications for the project at hand are met. Your welding college training, knowledge, and experience in health and safety will be of help when becoming a Welding Inspector. Your expertise will be needed to ensure that bridges, buildings, and other structures are structurally sound, performing visual inspections to catch any errors in the weld, such as cracks or pits. As a Welding Inspector, you’ll also be testing the stress level of the welds to make sure that they meet the required levels of ductility and strength.

welding technician training
Pursuing a career as a Welding Inspector is a great opportunity

Consider Becoming a Boilermaker

With welding technician training and additional experience working as a Welder, there are a few other advancement options you might want to consider during your career. For example, you may choose to work towards becoming a Boilermaker. As a Boilermaker, you’ll have the opportunity to build, install, maintain and repair the pressure vessels designed to store various gases and liquids. The pressure vessels boilermakers work with might include reactors, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, closed vats or other containers. These professionals often work within energy facilities including hydro and oil-sands plants, as well as steel, chemical, cement and other manufacturing plants. 

If you’re considering a career as a Boilermaker, you may need to complete additional training in the construction and maintenance of boilers, applying your background in welding to the field. You’ll use your welding skills to assemble boiler tanks, inspect and repair leaks and defects, and complete other necessary work orders.

Pursue a Career as a Pipe Fitter

Are you attentive to detail, or do you possess an aptitude for mechanics? If so, a career as a Pipe Fitter could be right for you. Pipe fitters are responsible for designing, installing and repairing pipe systems, using their background in welding to safely secure pipes to fixtures, walls and other system components. As a pipe fitter, you’ll spend time creating intricate pipe systems in alignment with industry specifications and regulations, measuring pipes to determine where they should be cut, and putting together piping using various welding techniques. 

welding classes
After welding technician training, you can advance your career to become a Pipe Fitter

Successful pipe fitters have plenty of welding experience, enabling them to perform the often complicated welds necessary for pipe fitting projects. What’s more, these professionals possess a strong understanding of industry standards and codes, ensuring that they develop pipe systems which are able to safely transport hazardous chemicals. If this career path interests you, consider specializing in pipe fitting after completing your welding training.

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