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Popular Kitchen Designs to Know if You’re Considering Home Renovation Training

November 23, 2021

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The ways in which homeowners are choosing to design their kitchens has shifted, and not without good reason. In 2021, the popularity of home renovations rose significantly–with more families working from home, staying home more often, and seeking to make their living space as comfortable and appealing as possible. This means kitchen concepts were reevaluated, bringing a whole host of changes to the renovation scene. While all-white kitchens and farmhouse style kitchens seem to be a thing of the past, there are plenty of new popular design trends which are likely to come to the forefront in 2022. 

If you’re seeking a career as a home renovation technician, familiarizing yourself with the kitchen designs you’re likely to see in the future will help you to deliver the types of services your clients are looking for. Below, discover some popular kitchen design trends altering the renovation industry.

Taking Home Renovation Training? Colourful Kitchens are In

While all-white and monochrome kitchens were popular in the past, recently it’s been all about colour. Today, homeowners are gravitating towards bolder, more exciting colours in order to make their living spaces more interesting. After home renovation training, you might create a colourful kitchen space for clients expressing an interest in the look by incorporating contrasting shades into your designs. Black appliances might be paired with cabinets of deep green and yellow, or white tiles could be used as a backdrop against a colour scheme of blue. Whatever the case, it’s likely that you’ll continue to see colourful kitchens throughout your home renovation career. 

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Colourful kitchens will be popular in the future

Functional Storage and Technology

Another kitchen design trend that’s likely to dominate the future home renovation scene is that of functional design. Homeowners are increasingly looking to optimize their kitchens in order to store appliances and make room for the technology they use around the house. A more functional space is a more liveable one, and as we’ve all spent more time inside in the past year, liveability has become increasingly important. During your home renovation career, consider incorporating smartphone-controlled lighting, USD compatible electrical plug-ins, and more technologically advanced appliances. As for storage, think about including larger drawers to hold appliances and cabinets fitted to conceal large items . This will please clients by making more space for clearer countertops and a more functional kitchen space. 

Industrial Style with Upgrades

Although industrial style is a trend that’s on its way out, a new take on industrial style kitchens seems to be moving in. Industrial style kitchens are characterized by their “factory” appearance, using statement light fixtures and open floor plans. However, homeowners today are seeking to mix it up, adding metallic accents to their kitchen cabinet doors and using innovative light fixtures to make their industrial kitchens look more sophisticated. Once you become a home renovation technician, you’re likely to be performing some upgrades to the industrial style kitchens of yesterday.

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During your home renovation career, you’re likely to see more reimagined industrial style kitchens

Overwhelmed? Tips for Keeping Up with Kitchen Design Trends

If you’re entering the home renovation industry, it can be difficult to keep up with the constant changes in design styles and trends, especially when it comes to the ever-mutable kitchen. However, there are a few things you can do in order to stay ahead of the game. For one, make sure to always choose quality materials when remodeling kitchens. These materials are less likely to go out of style, and will last for longer. Additionally, choose an open floor plan over a closed-off room. Open floor plans are more likely to give kitchens a liveable quality which will outlast the influence of passing trends, helping homeowners to stand the test of time with the designs they choose.

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