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Projects That Help Prepare a Home for Spring After Home Renovation Training

April 05, 2022

With the winter weather almost behind us and spring around the corner, it’s a good time for home renovations. Spring brings with it an enthusiasm and energy for brightening up spaces and fixing them up so that they look nice and feel comfortable all over again.

At North American Trade Schools, you get hands-on training in various aspects of basic home renovation, from carpentry to plumbing, painting, wood finishing, and more. This will help prepare you to tackle various home renovation projects at any time of the year. 

Read on to discover what types of projects people tend to focus on during the spring!

Prepping the Backyard After Home Renovation Training

One of the most common spring renovation projects your customers could ask for will have to do with their backyards—and, more specifically, the decks and patios in those backyards. 
A backyard deck usually bears the full brunt of winter weather, especially when snow piles up on top of it. And, as homeowners start thinking about enjoying the warmer weather, they could want to make their outdoor spaces just a little nicer. After completing your home renovation training, you can use your skills and knowledge to bring your customers’ decks and patios to life by building, resurfacing, sanding and/or repainting them.

After your home renovation training, you could build or resurface backyard decks

Ensuring a Home’s Structural Integrity Is Intact

When you become a home renovation technician and the spring season is in full swing, you might be asked to check a home’s structural integrity. You might be asked to check and see if walls aren’t damaged or floors aren’t crooked. You might also need to check that there are no waterproofing issues that might damage the foundation or basement. Once the snow has melted, these types of issues can sometimes come up.

Doors and Windows Could Need Reno Work as Well

Doors and windows also feel the effects of the winter months. As a result, some homeowners may want these items checked and fixed up. They might feel that the doors have deteriorated because of the continuous cold weather. Doors and windows also experience seal shrinking, which means that cracks can sometimes occur during the winter. In some cases, you might want to replace the seals for all the windows and doors around an entire home. Why? Doors and windows that are properly sealed help keep homes cool during the spring and summer, while also preventing hot air from escaping when homes are heated during the winter months.

Doors and windows might need to have their seals replaced if they have become damaged

Painting Walls Brightens Up Spaces During the Spring

Homeowners tend to make changes to the walls of their homes after the winter season. During winter, the daylight hours tend to be shorter, with less natural light coming in. A wall’s paint tends to look normal during the winter months under the dimmer light of a light bulb. But as soon as the spring season is in progress, and the curtains are drawn back, some homeowners might notice that the walls of their home aren’t as perfect as they once looked. As a result, you could be hired to redo the paint or update the walls with different colour schemes.

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