Signs Your Career Passions May Be Fulfilled Through Welding School

January 12, 2021

welder technician training

Looking for a rewarding career that can teach you many new skills and allow you to work with your hands to build and fix things every day? Welding might just be the right choice for you. Should you decide to pursue a career in this field, going to welding school can help set you up for a future in this profession. A great welding training program can teach you about the trade through both a theoretical and practical lens.

Those who pursue welding as a career path can open themselves up to a hugely gratifying profession. Here are some reasons why you should consider welding school to fulfill your career ambitions.

Welding Is a Fantastic Career, Especially if You Have the Personality For It

Are you a patient, creative, hard-working individual who relishes the challenge of working in an intense environment? Welding is a career that caters to exactly these kinds of people. Welders are typically subjected to a large amount of smoke and heat, all while wearing heavy protective gear like coveralls and a mask. This type of work requires a great amount of endurance, as well as the knowledge and instincts to be able to join metal pieces together with the utmost care and accuracy. As a trained welder, you might have opportunities to work in several different industries after completing an apprenticeship, such as: manufacturing, oil, construction, architecture, and more. If any of these job prospects interest you, welding could be a great fit for your professional career.

welding training
Welding involves working in intense conditions, but is hugely rewarding as well

Taking a Welding Diploma Program Can Teach You Many Lessons About the Trade

If you’re looking for a way to gain the foundational knowledge necessary for success in the welding industry, starting your welding training is your ticket. At NATS, our welding program offers students the opportunity to learn about the trade over 55 weeks. During the program, you can learn about concepts such as welding processes, equipment, safety standards, blueprint reading, and positional welding. Furthermore, students at NATS can use our on-campus labs for hands-on learning. Here, processes like MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding) and TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) welding are learned through the use of modern equipment. This helps give students practical, real-world experience before even setting out to work in the field.

welding school
Those who choose to enter the welding field don’t require a university degree

You Won’t Need Prior Experience to Get Started in Welding Training

At NATS, some students come to the welding program having already gained a bit of welding practice beforehand. “I chose to study welding, because I did it in high school,” says Emily Harrison, a graduate of NATS’ welding program. “I’m a bit of an artist, and I wanted a little bit more knowledge and a little bit more practicality for the future.”

However, those hoping to attend welding school should also note that they don’t need any prior experience to get into the program. Even without any base knowledge of the trade, taking a welding program can provide you with the training to open you up to various career opportunities, often starting out as an apprentice welder to further sharpen your skills in such roles as ironworker, boilermaker, pipefitter, and more. Not only do you not need experience or a university degree to enter the field, but you also have a wide range of career choices available to you—making welding a great choice for fulfilling your professional aspirations!

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