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Solar Technician Training is Your Ticket to a Variety of Eco-friendly Careers

September 12, 2017

As leaders in Canada’s solar energy industry work towards making solar power a mainstream and widely used energy source by 2020, there’s growing opportunities for individuals who are looking for an eco-friendly trade to begin a career in the sector. In fact, Job Bank Canada forecasts strong growth in solar power related careers within the next few years, specifically in the province of Ontario.

Do you want to become a part of shaping a healthier future for our planet and Canada’s environment? If so, enrolling in a solar energy program may be right for you! Keep reading to find out more about the exciting and potentially lucrative career opportunities available in this field.

Become a Solar Assembler after Solar Technician Training

The role of a Solar Assembler is exciting and diverse. Using the skills and knowledge gained during solar technician training, Solar Assemblers help install and assemble systems like solar roof panels on commercial or residential buildings.

Solar Assemblers have a wide range of responsibilities, from determining the proper configurations and layouts for solar panels, to mounting structures and modules, to installing the actual solar panels and ensuring they are completed to standard. Bringing together the best of both worlds, a career as a Solar Assembler is perfect for individuals who want to spend their days both strategizing and working with their hands.

Solar assemblers may spend time planning and installing solar panels

Begin a Career as a Solar Energy Maintenance Technician

Depending on their specific role, Solar Energy Maintenance Technicians can have a wide variety of duties and responsibilities. A large portion of the job is performing maintenance, which could involve inspecting existing systems in both commercial and residential environments as well as solar farms, ensuring that components such as concentrators, batteries, fans and pumps are in working order and safe. Technicians may also perform electrical duties, hooking up solar systems to the region’s electrical grid.

In addition, graduates of solar energy technician college working as maintenance technicians may find themselves playing an important role in the planning stage of solar energy projects, which involves assessing job sites for potentially hazardous working environments, creating installation plans for solar panels, and designing reference maps of where solar panels will be placed.

Graduates of Solar Energy Technician training may work at solar farms

Solar Energy Technician College Can Give You the Tools to Become a Solar PV Sales Professional

While you may not immediately think of launching a career in sales after graduating from a solar energy program, it’s a great career opportunity for individuals who are good with people, outgoing, and like to be compensated in accordance to their hard work. Solar PV Salespeople sell solar systems to a variety of clients, and may even go to events and give presentations on the advantages of solar power, or attend tradeshows and sell solar systems from a booth.

As technology progresses, the role of Solar PV Sales professionals will change and grow, and as more companies and homeowners realize the benefits of solar power, expertly-trained and knowledgeable solar salespeople will become increasingly important and in demand.

Do you want to discover even more career opportunities you can qualify for after earning your solar technician certification?

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