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How a Career in Home Renovation Can Benefit You

September 11, 2019

career in home renovation

Learning a trade like home renovation provides you with a marketable specialty. You’ll have skills that are in demand by the many people who require renovation work on their homes every year. In addition to providing a nice income, home renovation skills can benefit you in other ways.

If you’re considering training to work in the field of home renovation, you may be surprised by the number of benefits you’ll gain from it. Let’s look at just some of those benefits below.

Home Renovation Is a Skill That Will Never Be Out of Fashion

No matter how technologically advanced society becomes, there will still be a need for home renovation skills. Even if we eventually relocate to Mars, we’re going to build shelters and we’ll need home renovators to help! So long as people live in homes, they are going to need people with home renovation skills.

That’s why the demand for home renovators will continue to be strong. But there is more to a career as a home renovator than a stable income (although that’s certainly nice to have). The skills you’ll learn during home renovation technician training can serve you well both in your personal and your professional life.

Home renovation skills are often in high demand
Home renovation skills are often in high demand

Whether it’s helping your retired neighbors fix the porch or educating your teenaged son or daughter about how to read blueprints, the skills you will acquire during a career in home renovation will always benefit you and those around you. How many people can say that about their job?

Making Money Is One Thing, But Have You Thought of the Money You’ll Save?

There’s a financial benefit to being a home renovator you may not have considered: no longer having to hire someone else to renovate your own home. The average Canadian homeowner spends over $10,000 on home renovations. Now, imagine being your very own general contractor and pocketing that money. With the knowledge of a modern handyperson, you can achieve independence at home and in your career. Not only will your skills be in demand by other homeowners, but those skills will also help you save money by being able to do work on your own property.

Drop the Gym Membership—A Career in Home Renovation Is a Cheaper Way to Stay in Shape

The benefits of engaging in regular physical activity are pretty obvious. But people who spend their days in a cubicle sitting in front of a computer don’t get too many opportunities to exercise. Unless, of course, they spend hundreds of dollars a year on a gym membership! As a home renovator, however, you’re constantly staying active on the job. You might be moving from one room to the next, one residence to the next, or one job to the next. At any rate, you’ll be moving and working with your hands, which is exactly what many home renovators love about their jobs.

A career in home renovation helps you stay active
A career in home renovation helps you stay active

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Home Renovation

3 Signs You’re Destined to Become a Home Renovation Technician

September 05, 2017

Sometimes, it’s clear as day when a person is the right fit for a particular career. They might have a natural talent, or a perfect personality for the type of work that the career involves. Whatever the case might be, being able to realize this in advance can be a huge advantage, and let a person know that they are on the perfect professional track.

Wondering what kinds of signs exist that can show you that you’re a perfect fit for a career as a home renovation technician? Here’s a look at a few of the best indicators.

1. Having Physical Stamina is a Big Advantage for a Home Renovation Technician

Home renovation is satisfying hands-on work, and a great outlet for people who are able to maintain a steady physical work output over the course of the day. It can, however, be demanding to move supplies around, use tools, and be on your feet all day long.

Having good endurance is a great indication that you’re the kind of individual who is meant for a career in home renovation. If you’re someone who can work hard throughout the day, and do safe, good quality work even when you’ve gotten a little fatigued, you’re exactly the kind of person that employers in the home renovation and construction sector are looking for.

2. Having Great People Skills Can Help You Stand Out in Home Renovation

Being a good people person is a reliable sign that you’re an excellent candidate to become a home renovation technician. Home renovation pros often need to interact with the owner or residents of a building that is being renovated, as well as get along with a group of other workers who might be hot and tired after a long day. If you are someone who is likable, or who can just get along well with others, you could be perfect for this line of work.

Want a little extra insight into the best ways to get along in the workplace? Enroll in a training program at a top institution like North American Trade Schools. Not only can you develop the technical skills that employers will look for, but you can also pick the brains of the experienced faculty about the kinds of behaviour that will help you thrive in a professional environment. Learn from their years of being home renovation workers, and you can walk into your career with a great handle on how to present yourself as a pleasant professional.

Ask your professors for their insight into how to be a personable home renovation professional

3. An Eye for Detail Makes for a Great Home Renovation Technician

To succeed in a career in home renovation, it is essential to be able to produce accurate work. Measurements need to be precise, and cuts made to wood, drywall, or other materials need to be clean and even. The importance of making things measure up correctly and fit together well cannot be overstated in this line of work.

Precision and attention to detail are important in home renovation and construction

If you’ve got an eye for detail, and live by the philosophy of “measure twice, cut once,” you’re a perfect fit for the construction and home renovation industries. Enrolling in hands-on training can help you translate these natural traits into highly polished, in-demand skills that can land you the rewarding career you want. With training programs typically lasting as little as under a year, you can expect to make quick leaps in your capabilities en route to your new career in home renovation!

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