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3 Reasons to Take a Global Supply Chain & Logistics Management Online Program This Year

January 03, 2023

Working in the logistics industry could involve planning, implementing, and managing the transportation of goods and services within the supply chain. Workers in this field are the heart of global trade, and in effect, their work has a significant impact on the economy. This career path offers a variety of workplaces to explore and a chance to work in an exciting, fast-paced field. If logistics management interests you, the first step toward your dream career is the right training. 

North American Trade Schools offers an online training program that equips students with the skills they need to work in a dynamic career. Keep reading to learn three great reasons to take Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management training online this year. 

1. Enjoy High Demand and Security in a Growing Field 

Since 2020, we’ve been seeing significant growth in the logistics field that is predicted to continue until 2025 and peak at 3.5%. According to experts, this increase results from a fast-growing manufacturing industry fueled by e-commerce and booming construction, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. This is an excellent time to position yourself as a qualified logistics management professional and enjoy a position that allows you to enjoy job security. Our Logistics Management Online Program will leave you prepared to take the Canadian International Freight Forwarding Association certification exam and earn the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification, both reputable credentials that will set you apart as a competitive candidate in your freight management job search. 

2. Work in a Dynamic Global Field With a Logistics Management Diploma 

Logistics management is the ideal career choice for those who want a dynamic, interesting career, as it presents new challenges daily. For this reason, you’ll never be bored as a professional in this field. In addition, the industry is international, and in some cases, the opportunity to travel may be on the table to deal with contract negotiations, meet with clients overseas, and purchase goods. After taking our logistics management courses, you’ll gain a solid understanding of both customs and global trade compliance to prepare you with a profound understanding of international trade. 

Logistics management courses can provide the opportunity to travel with work.

3. Get Real Life Experience With a Final Case Study Project 

Students in the Global Supply Chain and Logistics Online Program finish logistics management training with a capstone project that allows them to research a real-life logistics business problem. They will have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they’ve developed in classes to develop an effective solution like they will on the job.

Learn from home with our logistics management online program.

If you’re considering a career in global logistics management, you can receive the training you need flexibly and from the comfort of your own home. We understand that many of our students have other obligations, and we want to ensure that our programs are accessible to as many career seekers as possible. Start your journey to career success today.

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