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Considering Pre-Apprentice Maintenance Electrician Training? Here’s a Day in the Life of an Electrical Technician

July 21, 2020

Heading out on any new career path, it’s normal to have a level of curiosity about where that path will lead. You might wonder about what your responsibilities will be, or what kinds of environments you can expect to work in, or have other important questions as you look forward to your coming future.

If you find yourself in this situation while considering a construction and maintenance electrician pre-apprenticeship program, take a look at this quick guide to a day in the life of an electrical technician. It should give you some decent answers to many of the common questions regarding this career path, and get you excited for your future.

Pros With Pre-Apprentice Maintenance Electrician Training Use Diagnostic Tools to Find Problems

As much as modern electronic technology offers many benefits, it also has this habit of breaking down in a way where the problem isn’t obvious. This means electrical technicians often spend a part of their day using diagnostic tools to try and locate where the problem lies in a faulty machine or electrical setup, so that it can later be fixed.

A couple examples of tools commonly used in this work include: voltage testers, which verify whether voltage is present in wires, outlets, switches, or other electrical components. Another tool is circuit breaker finders, which identify which breaker controls an outlet. Several variants on these tools also exist, with each having slightly different capabilities and applications. You will get to learn about many of these different instruments, and how to correctly use them, when you begin your pre-apprentice maintenance electrician training

Electrical Technicians May Do Repair or Maintenance Work on Electrical Systems

Once a problem has been identified within an electrical system, electrical technicians are frequently the ones called upon to fix it. The scope of this work can be quite wide, with many interesting challenges for qualified professionals to tackle.

After your pre-apprenticeship program, your electrician career in construction could involve everything from fixing or replacing light fixtures, to redoing faulty wiring, maintaining, or repairing motors in equipment, and many other interesting tasks.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of skill that goes into performing these tasks well, not the least of which is knowing how to complete the work safely. Attending a pre-apprenticeship program like the one at North American Trade Schools will give you the opportunity to learn repair and maintenance techniques hands-on. This can help ensure that by the time you enter the workforce, you know exactly how to keep yourself and others safe when working with electrical equipment and components. It’s a foundational skill that offers benefits to last a lifetime.

Learning how to do electrical repair work safely is crucial to success in the field

You May Have to Perform Inspections as a Maintenance Electrician

One of the most important parts of many electrical technicians’ days is performing inspections of electrical equipment and systems to ensure they are working as they are meant to. Any deficiencies that are noticed in the process of these inspections are typically noted down, and likely lead to diagnostic and repair work later on.

Inspections of this nature are critical. They might mean the difference between catching a problem early on, versus being confronted with an unexpected breakdown or scrambling to get it fixed. In Ontario, electrical inspections are mandatory for renovations, new construction, and in many industrial and business settings. This means there is no shortage of this type of work out there.

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