The Biggest Benefits of Having an HVAC Career

December 16, 2020

HVAC Career

If you value doing a variety of work and are good with hands-on tasks, then chances are that a career in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) could be a great fit for you. HVAC technicians are quick problem-solvers, possessing a solid understanding of mechanical systems and how best to install and repair them. They are relied on whenever the heating dies off or the air conditioner breaks down—and practically every modern building uses either, if not all, of these systems. 

Becoming an HVAC technician has many benefits, including the rewarding feeling of a job well done. Here are some reasons why becoming an HVAC technician might be a good idea for you!

Technicians Benefit of Short Training and Fast Results 

Starting your HVAC training is key for your success as an HVAC professional. And, unlike lengthy university programs that can take four years to complete, pre-apprenticeship training can be completed in significantly less time. 

Pre-apprenticeship training also includes plenty of hands-on work, rather than just sitting through long class lectures. As Jason Boyer, HVAC student at NATS, puts it, “I chose North American Trade Schools because it’s a hands-on school.” He adds, “They have the experience, they have the know-how, and you take what you can from them and apply it to your trade.” 

HVAC technician training
HVAC technicians need lots of hands-on experience to succeed in their profession

HVAC Careers Include a Variety of Work and Opportunities to Advance 

Every day on the job offers the chance to do something new—working in both indoor and outdoor settings while meeting all kinds of different people. This means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay active on the job. Each task will contain different challenges for you to overcome, turning every service call into an opportunity for a change of pace. It’s anything but your typical 9-5 office job!

HVAC is a diverse field, offering a variety of work for its professionals. Technicians work with a variety of heating and air conditioning systems, having been trained to install and maintain gas and propane heating systems and ventilation as well as air cooling equipment in residential and light commercial environments. As a result, technicians have room to advance their careers after years of training and earning specialized certifications.

HVAC Is a Highly Valued Service That Comes with Many Rewards

Contrary to what some might think, HVAC work is not seasonal—no matter the time of year, people often need help with their HVAC systems. Due to the nature of the work, technicians need a solid level of mechanical skill and technical ability. HVAC technicians are effective problem-solvers. They have to analyze entire HVAC systems to root out key causes of failure before knowing how to make the necessary repairs. Because the work they do is hands-on, they also get the satisfaction of seeing the concrete results of their actions after a job well done.

HVAC school
HVAC technicians provide valuable services that lead to personal and customer satisfaction


An HVAC career is service-oriented, leaving plenty of room for customer satisfaction. Technicians are often met with gratitude as they work to provide valuable service, keeping temperatures well-regulated in all kinds of environments—ultimately providing comfort and security for their clients. 

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