NATS Student Review of the Welding Technology Training Program

April 01, 2017

Katelynn B. is a Welding student at the London campus of North American Trade Schools. In her review, she talks about her experience at NATS, her instructors and why she decided to attend the school to study to become a Welder.



“I’m Katelynn B. and I’m taking Welding Technology. Before coming to NATS I was laid off from a pig farm actually, and I decided, you know, now’s the time let’s go do this, let’s further my career, let’s pick a trade, let’s get into the business.

I chose NATS for its facility, yeah it has a very upbeat atmosphere. What I like the best about my instructors is they’re very hands on and they have an incredible amount of knowledge. What I enjoy most about campus is it’s central location. Something that I learned at NATS that I enjoyed most was blue printing.

Blue printing is very important because the fabrication process, putting things together, it shows specifications on how it’s meant to be put together and that was something that is very essential in our field. I see myself in five years being a Millwright I found it very easy to make friends on campus because of the atmosphere, it’s very laid back.

My family is very excited that I’m attending NATS to further my career and further my knowledge. To anybody that’s undecided about coming to NATS, come take a tour and see what it’s all about.”

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