Why a Welder Career Is a Great Choice for Gen Z and Millennials

August 01, 2019

Welding is facing a serious labour shortage as many Baby Boomers retire and not enough younger workers line up to replace them. With Millennials (born roughly between 1980 and 1995) now firmly in the workforce and Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2002) following closely behind, many employers know that attracting these young workers to the welding profession is essential.

The good news is that there are plenty of reasons why welding is a great career choice for today’s young people. In fact, a career in welding aligns extremely well with what Millennials and Gen Zs are looking for in a career. Here’s how.

A Welding Apprenticeship Is a Great Way to Learn New Skills from the Pros

Millennials and Gen Zs are accustomed to disruption and they know they need to learn new skills to stay competitive in the workplace. However, they differ in how they go about learning those skills. While Millennials tend to be independent and like to forge their own paths, Gen Zs tend to respect authority and want to learn from their elders.

The career path to becoming a welder is likely to appeal to both Generation Z and Millennials who are eager to learn new skills. After acquiring training at school, would-be welders complete an apprenticeship with a more experienced welder and learn on the job. This means that Gen Zs appreciate learning under the direction of a professional, while Millennials enjoy the flexibility of being able to learn while earning money on the job.

Both Millennials and Gen Zs are eager to learn new skills to stay competitive

Welding Careers are Currently In Demand and Pay Well

Gen Z grew up watching their parents struggle with the fallout from the Great Recession and with student debt. As a result, they tend to be pragmatic and realistic about their careers. For example, for Gen Z, 44% say that salary is their main benchmark of success. While Millennials are more likely to value flexibility in their career, salary is also important for them. About 43% of Millennials who plan on leaving their jobs soon say they will do so because they are dissatisfied with pay.

The good news is that a young person who wants to become a production welder will have a career that is very well compensated. In Canada, the average hourly wage for welders is $28 per hour, or $58,000 annually, and welders have seen an impressive 13% increase in wages since 2010.

Welders are in high demand and are well compensated for their work

A Welder Career Combines Passion with a Secure Job Outlook

Whereas Generation Z places a high premium on job security, Millennials are more willing to eschew the traditional office career and want one that provides them with meaningful work. A welder career is the rare type of job that can appeal to both of these desires.

Welders have opportunities to work in a variety of environments and to even transfer their skills to different parts of the country. While being a welder can sometimes be a physically demanding job, it is certainly not boring, which is likely to appeal to Millennials. At the same time, the demand for welders is strong and there is a consistent need for welding skills across the country in a variety of industries, which is the type of security that Gen Zs crave.

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