2020 Cabinetry and Woodworking Trends Everyone in Cabinet Making School Should Know About

August 27, 2020

Whenever cabinets or woodwork need a fresh, modern update, there are several routes you can take. You can pick certain colours, or mix and match several of them. You can take a minimalist approach to a room’s design, or you can match traditional kitchen aesthetics with more open-concept designs. 

Regardless of which route you take, your job as a cabinet maker is to bring these aesthetic decisions to life. If you want to keep it as fresh as possible, consider choosing from any of the trends we’ve listed below!

Here are some cabinetry and woodworking trends in 2020 you should be aware of.

Mixed Colours and Two-Tone Designs Are In for Today’s Kitchen Cabinets

While monochrome colour schemes for cabinets can tend to dominate certain kitchens, mixing them up is among the biggest trends for 2020. In particular, two-tone cabinets are seen as being on the rise, particularly since they can help make the room seem more expansive and dynamic-looking. 

Creating a contrast between two different colours for cabinets can also add greater texture to the room and make the design stand out. A move away from traditionally-coloured kitchen cabinets is one that students in cabinet making school shouldn’t be surprised to see–whether it’s a combination of neutral, saturated or bright tones.

Finding Innovative Ways to Make More Storage Room is Another Hot Trend

If your cabinetry or woodworking project involves a living space that is smaller in size, the use of space becomes increasingly important. Therefore, finding ways to create a greater storage capacity and avoid wasting space is something else that should be at the top of your mind for 2020. 

One way to do this is with custom cabinets, which can be used to make better use of tight spaces. Another is by getting creative with the cabinetry you’re working on in order to avoid overloading drawers unnecessarily. 

You can get creative with cabinets to help make better use of storage

For example, you could designate cabinets and drawers for garbage or recycling, have roll-out drawers and trays for varying purposes, or create dividers for kitchen materials such as utensils. With making better usage of space a hot topic in recent months, you have an opportunity to help homeowners do it in practical and clever ways.

Cabinet Making School Students Should Take Note of Open-Concept Designs

Those doing their cabinet making training will surely appreciate how open-concept designs are becoming more of a trend in 2020 as well. This is especially the case with open-frame cabinets and open shelving in kitchens, getting rid of upper kitchen wall cabinets entirely, or a mix of both. 

Combining traditional cabinets with open-concept shelves is another modern trend

These can look great from a design and aesthetic standpoint (for example, if you’re using rough-cut wood), as well as in helping make the room appear bigger. Better yet, it can put the house owner’s dishes on display for everyone to see, help them be more creative and productive with how they use space on their countertops, and also showcase their penchant for careful placement and organization.

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