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3 Qualities Any Commercial Electrician Should Have After Electrician School

March 16, 2021

Commercial electricians install electrical systems and wiring within commercial buildings. Their work requires extreme precision and attention to detail–as well as extensive knowledge of electrical systems, codes, electrical standards and guidelines, and more. Commercial electricians often face the complex task of installing and maintaining extensive electrical systems for structures, such as: shopping malls, office complexes, restaurants, and other buildings. These electricians have difficult, and at times, dangerous jobs. Their ability to succeed in their field is made possible through a few key personal qualities. 

If you’re interested in a career as a commercial electrician, exploring the qualities below can help you to gain a better grasp of what this profession requires.

1. Problem Solving Capabilities are Important for Those with Commercial Electrician Training

Installing and maintaining the electrical systems and components of a commercial complex can be a complicated task. During a typical job, commercial electricians will have a diverse range of responsibilities. Commercial complexes often have a greater need for efficient electrical systems due to the fact that businesses often use more electricity for communication and general operation. For commercial electricians, navigating the installation of these complex systems requires the ability to problem solve. 

Commercial electricians are great problem solvers

Commercial electricians will encounter unexpected challenges on-site, and must be able to come up with creative solutions to problems. Whether it’s determining how to install the number of outlets necessary to meet a business’s needs, or mapping out convenient placement of electrical wiring, professionals with commercial electrician training benefit from being great problem solvers. 

2. Electrical Experience and Expertise

Typically, the electrical requirements of commercial complexes are much more demanding and extensive than those of residential buildings. These buildings are larger, consume more electricity, and have greater servicing needs than other structures. Thus, the electricians who perform installations and maintenance for commercial complexes must possess the electrical knowledge and expertise necessary to safely and efficiently meet a project’s needs. 

Hands-on training equips commercial electricians with the expertise to handle complex projects

At the North American Trade Schools, electrician college students have access to hands-on training in the lab, which equips them with valuable knowledge and experience in a variety of electrical topics. Their training qualifies them to move on to an apprenticeship, where they continue to build skills through experiential experience. When their training is complete, students will be equipped with the practical knowledge necessary to prepare them for a successful career as a commercial electrician, where they can apply their skills in the field. 

3. Commercial Electricians are Dependable

Electricians in all industries have a large amount of responsibility. They are the ones relied upon to plan for and install electrical systems, conduct inspections, and determine the cause of breakdowns or other electrical issues. Businesses and contractors rely on commercial electricians to get the job done right–as a mistake could enhance the risk of electrocution or even fire. 

The extent of a commercial electrician’s responsibilities requires that these professionals are extremely dependable. Commercial electricians must be responsive to the needs of the team they are working with, making themselves available to fix problems when they arise. Dependable commercial electricians are better informed about what’s happening on site, and their dedication is reflected in the quality of their work and the efficiency of a structure’s electrical systems.

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