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3 Reasons Carpentry Assistant is a Great Career After Home Renovation Technician School

October 15, 2019

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If you’re hard-working, love challenges and love working with your hands to get projects done, then becoming a carpentry assistant could be the right career choice for you. The field of home renovation covers various different crafts and trades, and carpentry is one of the most interesting among them.

In fact, working as a carpentry assistant has many advantages depending on what you are looking for in a job. Here are three reasons why becoming a carpentry assistant is a career path worth pursuing after your home renovation technician studies.

1. Carpentry Assistants Get to Tackle a Variety of Tasks

As a carpentry assistant, you might find yourself helping more experienced carpenters in performing a variety of tasks, such as safely using various tools, reading blueprints, and taking proper measurements. In certain carpentry assistant roles, you may also be expected to take care of duties such as ensuring that facilities are kept clean and machines are properly serviced, gathering and storing construction materials in shops or at construction sites, and helping to ensure that the worksite is kept safe for everyone. You may also be tasked with various drilling, cutting, planing, and other types of jobs with wood, lumber and paneling. This type of job can help give you plenty of experience in the carpentry trade after you’ve studied how to become a home renovation technician.

Carpentry assistants work alongside more experienced carpenters on numerous tasks
Carpentry assistants work alongside more experienced carpenters on numerous tasks

2. You Can Work on a Schedule That Isn’t the Typical 9 to 5 Day

Schedules can vary significantly in carpentry. Sometimes you can expect to find yourself starting the day around dawn, and working into the evenings to make sure projects can be completed in a timely fashion. That can mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day. At some places, you may work a short work week of just 4 days, while the workdays themselves will be longer. In other words, you can get a long weekend every weekend in those situations! Additionally, because of extenuating circumstances like project delays or weather, the length of the work week and work days can change with little notice. While that sort of schedule doesn’t work for everyone, if you’re someone who wants to avoid the monotony of the typical 9 to 5 workday, then working as a carpentry assistant could be a great choice.

3. Your Home Renovation Technician Training Could Lead You to Various Work Environments

You’ll learn a lot about carpentry during home renovation technician training and you will afterwards be able to take those skills and apply them in different work environments. On some projects, those working in carpentry could find themselves working on construction or remodeling projects with residential homes or commercial offices. Carpentry assistants are also required on big projects, such as highways, bridges, and ships. You may be surprises to learn that carpentry assistants are also found on film and television shoots, as those projects need carpenters and assistants on hand to help build sets and take care of various maintenance duties. Whatever the project may be that you work on, it’s clear that a career in carpentry can take you down many interesting paths.

Residential homes are only one of the work environments you could find yourself in
Residential homes are only one of the work environments you could find yourself in

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