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3 Specializations to Explore After Completing Your Electrician Training

November 09, 2021

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Is a career in the electrical industry right for you? If you’re a great problem solver and are always up for a challenge, a career as an electrician might be right for you. Electricians work either alone or in teams to maintain, install, and repair electrical systems. While all electricians work with these systems, there are actually many different types of electricians within the industry. With the skills they have in wiring, service installation, and more, electricians can specialize in a variety of different electrical work. If you’re considering training to become an electrician, explore the specializations which may be available to you upon getting your certification below. 

1. After Electrician Training, You Can Become a Maintenance Electrician

After completing electrician school and getting your certification, one of the career paths you might consider within the electrical industry is that of a maintenance electrician. Maintenance electricians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems which facilitate the operation of factories and plants. These professionals are experts in the electrical aspects of heavy machinery and equipment, large power grids, and general utility electronics. 

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As a maintenance electrician, you’ll maintain electrical systems within factories and plants

On a day to day basis, maintenance electricians will make routine inspections of machinery and equipment, and identify any repairs or replacements necessary. They’ll conduct repairs, make sure the electrical systems and components are aligned with provincial and national codes, as well as ensure that everything is functioning to ensure the efficient operation of the plant or factory. If you’re interested in an engaging career path within the electrical industry, becoming a maintenance electrician could be right for you. 

2. Consider a Career as a Construction Electrician

If you’re interested in tackling larger projects throughout your career as an electrician, you may want to specialize within the construction industry after your electrician training. Construction electricians work to install electrical systems within newly constructed buildings, or buildings which are undergoing significant renovations. These professionals are experts in building codes and safety procedures–enabling them to safely install wiring and electrical components within a structure. These professionals may work closely with engineers and other professionals working at a construction site. These parties will collaborate in order to ensure that electrical systems are not only installed accurately and efficiently, but also meet the requirements of the projects. Construction electricians may interpret blueprints and architectural drawings, and use their strong communication skills to troubleshoot problems with other professionals on the project.

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Construction electricians install electrical systems within newly built structures

3. Explore a Career as an Electrical Inspector

With construction and maintenance electrician training, you can build the necessary skills and expertise to become an electrical inspector after some years of experience. Electrical inspectors don’t work directly with electrical components and systems. Rather, they conduct examinations within the construction industry–making sure that the systems within new structures are up to code and safety regulations. They may also inspect the electrical systems of older homes if a renovation is being done or the house is up for sale. 

With their keen eye and expertise, these professionals will monitor wiring on construction sites, approve new plans for installation, and document their inspections thoroughly. If an electrical inspector notices any mistakes or problems, they have the authority to stop work on a project. If you’re passionate about electrical work but are looking to apply your skills in a manner different from hands-on work, a career as an electrical inspector could be right for you!

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