A Look at the Hottest Cabinet Trends in 2020 for Students of Cabinet Making Courses

November 03, 2020

Cabinet Making CoursesIf you’re wondering what will make for the most modern-looking cabinet in someone’s kitchen right now, look no further. When you’re in the middle of a home renovation project and you’re fixing up someone’s kitchen, you won’t want any of it looking dated compared to the rest of the room—and that includes the look of the cabinets. Whether they need a new paint job, or a full redesign or replacement, there are many techniques you can use to give them a fresh, modern look.

For any kitchen cabinets looking like they’re stuck in 1974, you can borrow from any of these current trends to give them the facelift they need. Here are some of 2020’s hottest trends in cabinet making.

Transitional Cabinets: Where Old School Cabinet Designs Meet the New

One major trend for cabinets nowadays is when older styles are mixed with current ones, such as when kitchens that were built decades ago are given a fresh update with modern-looking cabinets or other pieces. You can do this by using modern-day tiling and cabinet design while the rest of the kitchen pulls from design techniques of years past. If a client needing renovations for their kitchen wants to spruce it up and make it look more contemporary, while also not wanting to sacrifice too much of the traditional feel that made it look comforting in the first place, transitional cabinets are one way to accomplish this. This is an example of a trend that can be used for a variety of kitchen styles, and one that can apply well beyond 2020.

Open Shelving: How Students in Cabinet Making Training Can Make Kitchens Look Bigger

Students in a trade school learning about cabinet making may notice that some modern kitchens don’t even bother with cabinets that need to be opened and closed. Instead, some opt for shelves that put cabinet items on display for everyone in the room to see! To use open shelving in lieu of traditional cabinets is a great way to modernize the look of a kitchen, and make it more functional as far as using kitchen items without needing to open cabinet doors. 

cabinetmaking training
Open shelving cabinets can help make a kitchen look more spacious

It also allows for the homeowner to save more space in their kitchen, or make the kitchen appear more expansive, particularly if it’s smaller in size. It’s a decidedly more minimalist approach to the use of cabinets, but it’s a good way for homeowners to make their most prized kitchen possessions the star of the show.

Integration: Hiding Range Hoods and Appliances for a Better-Looking Kitchen

One thing that students in cabinet making training might notice about modern cabinet designs is that some present-day kitchens are looking increasingly streamlined. Components that were once ostentatiously exposed are now integrated within the kitchen, or seemingly hidden altogether. This is especially true for dishwashers, range hoods, ovens, and refrigerators. 

trade school
Integrating components can make kitchens look more cohesive

These components would be fitted alongside custom panels to appear integrated with the cabinets surrounding them, and give off a sleek, uninterrupted appearance. The cabinets and kitchen would look more cohesive, and this style would also make parts that would otherwise stick out within the kitchen appear as if they were part of the wall to begin with.

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