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Fun, Hands-on Career Tasks You Can Take on After Home Renovation Technician School

December 12, 2017

If you’re accustomed to working with your hands, you probably know that doing so comes with a sense of satisfaction that you just won’t find behind a desk. Manipulating materials, sizing them and aligning them, and then joining them together to create a greater, functional whole is a very rewarding experience. And, at the end of a long, productive day, when you’re tired and a little sore (in a good way), you’ll always have the satisfaction that comes from taking on hard work.

Want a little variety in the things you do? Going to school to become a home renovation professional is a great way to prepare for a career that involves many different kinds of hands-on tasks. Here’s a peek at some of what you can do as a home renovation pro.

Floor Installation is a Fun Job Home Renovation Technician School Teaches You to do

Floors are much more than first meets the eye. At the top, of course, you have the surface you see and walk on, often tiles or lengths of wood or laminate. Perhaps surprisingly, while this level is obviously important, it’s also more or less decorative. This is because beneath the tiling or timber is a subfloor, there to provide structural stability for the layer above.

Beneath that are joists, working a bit like a skeleton made of wood, meant to provide further stability to the layers above. Installing a floor correctly means installing all of these different elements, taking care to ensure they are secure and steady.

If you’re the kind of person who likes developing a project step by step, all the while watching it grow closer to completion, then installing a floor is the kind of hands-on project you’ll probably love. It does take some specific know-how to accomplish, though, which means completing home renovation technician training is important. This kind of environment will provide you with plenty of hands-on learning opportunities geared toward teaching you to install floors and complete other important home renovation tasks, allowing you to step into your career with the knowledge and abilities you will need.

Hands-on training can help you learn the right way to perform tasks like floor installation

Home Renovation Technician Training Will Help You Learn to Put up Walls

Walls are another interesting home renovation project. Like floors, they’re multi-layered objects, made from frames of thin pieces of wood – called “studs” – holding up sheets of drywall. “Plates,” which are just horizontal pieces of wood, are also crucial components, running along the top and bottom of the inner wall and connecting to the studs. You need all of these elements to build a wall that not only functions as a barrier, but is secure and able to serve as a surface on which frames, TVs, and other heavy objects can be securely hung.

Putting a wall together bit by bit can be fun, but with the pressing need for walls to be safe, it’s vital to ensure that the home renovation technician school you attend offers a high calibre of training. An institution like North American Trade Schools offers instruction by licensed, highly trained professionals, ensuring students learn how to safely complete these kinds of large-scale renovation jobs.

Home Renovation Technicians Can Mix Things up by Doing Exterior Work, Too

Exterior finishing work and shingling are a little different from other home renovation work in a few ways. You get to be outside, for example, and the fresh air and sunshine can be a nice change of pace. There also isn’t quite the same process of building something piece by piece – shingles and exterior finishing are the end touches on a job.

That said, it’s pretty critical to get these jobs done correctly. Roofs and building exteriors serve the important function of preventing the outside world, including rain, wind, and other natural forces, from damaging the interior of the building. You’ll want to get a lot of practice completing this type of job before entering the workforce.

Because of their critical function, it’s important to get roofs and exteriors right

If you want that kind of thorough training but don’t want to wait forever before starting your new career, look for accelerated programs that teach what you want to learn fast. At some of the better schools, you can become job-ready for home renovation roles in under a year – a perfect opportunity to upskill and start working quickly.

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