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Home Renovation Technician Training Program – Student Review – Kathryn K.

February 01, 2017

Kathryn K. is a Home Renovation Technician student at the London campus of North American Trade Schools. In her review, she talks about her experience at NATS, her instructors and why she decided to attend the school to study to become a Home Renovation Technician.



“My name is Katheryn K. and I’m starting the home renovations course here at NATS. Before I came to NATS I was working in an office for the last fifteen years and you know it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I needed to get my hands dirty and I decided, you know what, I can do this, I’m going to take a shot and jump right in.

I chose NATS because I was looking online and I saw a testimonial by another woman and I thought, you know what, if she can do it so can I. What I like best of the instructors is how knowledgeable they are and how willing they are to help you learn what you need to learn and they won’t stop until you understand it.

What I really enjoy about the campus is the small atmosphere of it the amount of equipment that they have for every students, you’re not waiting, you don’t have to take as many turns and you actually do get a lot of hands on experience.

Something that I learned that mats that I enjoy the most is not only learning how to build roofs and stairs, I actually learned self-confidence and I learned that I am capable of doing things that are typically a man’s job. In five years I see myself owning my own renovating business, flipping homes and renovating older homes, making a little shiny new.

I find it easy to make friends on campus because everyone here is extremely friendly, teachers included and it doesn’t matter what course they’re in, they’re willing to help you with any questions that you may have. My family is very proud that I’m attending NATS, they’re very looking forward to myself renovating all their homes.

They’re very supportive and they’re very willing to help me along the way in any way that they can. If you were undecided about coming to NATS just come out here and come for the tour and see for yourself how wonderful it is out here.”

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