Solar Energy Technician

Solar Energy Technician Training Program – Student Review – Bill G.

June 05, 2017

Bill G. is a Solar Energy Technician student at the London campus of North American Trade Schools. In his review, he talks about his experience at NATS, his instructors and why he decided to attend the school to study to become a Solar Energy Technician.



“My name is Bill G. I’m studying solar technology at NATS. I chose NATS because I feel solar is the future and they were offering a solar class.

The thing I like best of the instructors is this the stuff that you might have an idea about but are kind of foggy about they really know how to make you understand it and learn it to the best of your ability. Actually just the thing I li

ke the most about the campus, it’s very easy to find. The people here are great and it’s just a fun environment. You are stringently locked down to doing things, you get a little bit of freedom, a little relaxed, it’s quite nice to be here.

The thing I learned at NATS that I really enjoyed is how much solar is actually expanding across the whole globe right now – it’s the wave of the future.

Some of the maths that I had forgotten over the thirty years of being out of high school and other colleges that you just really don’t use every day and they brought it right back into your head. In five years I see myself heavily involved in solar, whether it’s energy or thermal installing, designing, building, maintenance, whatever the customer needs.

It has been very easy to make friends at NATS, everybody’s here for the same reasons they all want to learn something new, they all want to talk to people, enjoy people – it’s really good place.

If somebody was thinking of coming to NATS I would I would encourage them to come in, talk to the staff walk around, take a look and then you’ll make a better informed decision.”

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