3 Cabinet Trends to Keep An Eye on in Cabinet Making School & Beyond

November 29, 2022

Whether you’re ready to pursue a carpentry apprenticeship or you’re just thinking about taking the first step into cabinet making training, knowing the styles you’ll have to choose from will make your projects that much easier. In the case of kitchen renovations, cabinets can significantly impact the appearance of the whole project. Before creating custom cabinets for your own home or for future clients, you’ll want to determine the desired visual effect. Are you looking to follow the latest trends, or are you going for a timeless look? What kind of budget are you working with? Surely, you’ll come across one of the three styles covered below when it’s time to get your first project started. Keep reading for a look at some popular cabinet trends!

1. Flat Cabinets Are Both Inexpensive and Sleek 

Flat cabinets check several boxes for many people. Not only are they sleek, stylish, and perfect for those who prefer a modern finish. They are often simple and inexpensive to make since there are fewer intricate details to add–which means there’s no need to purchase trim or moulding. This minimalistic look is particularly popular for those who prefer a more functional style. 

Because a clean, smooth look is usually the preference with flat cabinets, naturally stained wood with little grain is a popular choice. They are also often painted using neutral colours. One pointer to keep in mind after completing cabinet making courses is to play around with the rules to add a unique touch. In your carpentry career, the goal is always to satisfy customer wishes. But feel free to use your creativity and experience when offering your professional opinion.

Flat cabinets will appeal to your functional, modern clients after cabinet making school.

2. Traditional Styles Are Making a Come-Back 

Many people are less concerned with trendy styles that can quickly become dated, and are opting for traditional styles that remain timeless. Traditional cabinets are inspired by an antique European aesthetic, which can create a luxurious and ornate feel. Naturally, this style tends to suit the skillset of more experienced carpenters. Unlike modern flat cabinets, you’ll see plenty of details like arches, raised panels on doors, and moulding. Heavier woods are popular choices for this trend. Recently, a rustic finish on traditional cabinets has been used to adapt the classic style, but you’ll see many variations during and after cabinet making school.

Timeless, traditional cabinets will be a popular choice after cabinet making school.

3. Look Out for Shaker Cabinets After Cabinet Making School 

Shaker cabinets represent a balanced mix of the two styles discussed above. The style originates from an American movement in the 18th century, most known as the Shakers. Their style was famously utilitarian, emphasizing function and durability over frill. Shaker cabinets are described as austere and clean, though they can feature traditional details for some visual interest. Our Cabinet Making Diploma Program will teach you the ins and outs of woodworking, cabinet installation, and the carpentry trade, preparing you to bring both style and functionality to professional projects. 

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