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The Common Pests That You’ll Hate When You Become a Home Renovation Technician

February 22, 2018

In the process of beautifying and fixing up a home, home renovation pros often encounter signs that they are not alone. Waste, bite marks, and the pitter-patter of little feet are just some of the indicators that there’s a pest of some kind in the area, most likely causing damage that will need to be addressed.

This type of nuisance is common just about everywhere buildings are found, with pests coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some, though, stand out from the crowd as being particularly problematic.

Here are some of the common pests that tend to give home renovation pros the most grief.

If Undiscovered, Racoons Can Wreak Havoc on Attics

When Racoons get tired of dumpster diving, they often take up residence in the attic of a home. Their nimble fingers and surprising strength allow them to rip holes through walls and even roofs, giving them easy access to a nice, insulated space in which they can nest. The trouble is, invading raccoons will often trample insulation, rip up ducts or wiring, and otherwise destroy attics. They are also known to leave significant amounts of waste behind, which can be a biohazard.

Beyond potentially needing to delay work until a wildlife removal specialist can remedy the problem, the presence of racoons probably won’t pose the biggest problem to your work when you become a home renovation technician. Insulation can be replaced, holes in walls can be patched, and other issues can be taken care of fairly efficiently.

Being surprised by a racoon while you’re in the middle of some roofing work, though, is never much fun. Likewise, if a racoon moves in and starts destroying your recent hard work while you’re halfway through a project, you probably won’t be especially fond of them.

Ants & Termites are Annoyances That You’ll Likely Deal With After Home Renovation Training

Insects are some of the most notorious household pests, and for good reason. Termites and carpenter ants in particular have earned reputations for spreading wide, spreading fast, and chewing up the wooden structure of a house. This often creates damage that should be replaced not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it compromises the structural integrity of a home.

Carpenter ants and termites can cause real structural damage to a home

Since home renovation training teaches students how to complete all kinds of house work – from installing windows to building entire rooms, and more – graduates are quite likely to be tasked at some point with repairing the damage caused by hungry insects. The main aggravation here will be that insects often cause damage to home elements that are difficult to repair, like molding or columns. With good, hands-on training from a school like North American Trade Schools, though, you will be up to the task, and able to fix even the trickiest insect-related damage.

Become a Home Renovation Technician and You Probably Won’t Like Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are a special kind of problem because they can go just about anywhere in a home and destroy just about anything. They chew through walls, through floors and roofs, through insulation, wires, and wooden supports. They also build nests in inconvenient places, often creating a greater risk of fire. Nobody wants them, but just about every home will have them at some point, and home renovation technicians often need to clean up the messes they make – perhaps more than once.

Mice and rats are everywhere, and cause all kinds of damage to homes

It might seem annoying that the renovation work you do could end up in need of redoing if rodents show back up and destroy it.  It’s worth considering, however, that their seeming dedication to destroying homes accounts for a not-insignificant amount of the work that is out there for home renovation pros. With the interesting, varied work and healthy salaries available, it’s probably best to take the bad with the good and accept that your craftsmanship might occasionally get chewed up a little bit.

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