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Trends and Features for Home Renovation School Students to Watch in 2021

December 15, 2020

Home Renovation SchoolA brand new home renovation project is an exciting way to start fresh and make new changes, especially with 2021 right around the corner. This year has been full of challenges and surprises, but it gave us a chance to rethink how our personal living spaces work for us—especially now that many people have to work in them as well. 

As a home renovation technician, you’ll be able to help make people’s dream homes come true. With valuable skills that range from carpentry and wood (re)finishing to painting and plumbing, you will be better prepared to tackle many future home renovation projects with ease and confidence. So, here’s a quick look at the rising trends and features in home renovation set to get big in 2021. 

Creating Calm but Productive Spaces Through Multi-Functional Zen Design

Those doing their home renovation training can expect many different trends to take off in the new year. With the stress of 2020, there’s now an increasing need for calm and comfortable spaces that help us get more done. Typically this means optimizing living spaces so that they serve more than one function while still maintaining a nice and interconnected aesthetic throughout the home. Having a well-designed environment that supports the new work-from-home lifestyle is a key feature that many will look for in 2021.

Multi-functional designs are a great way to create productive spaces–incorporating innovative and adaptable ideas to solve tight storage or address at-home workspace needs. These new changes are often paired with a zen-inspired aesthetic, emphasized by neutral or earth-toned colour palettes and simple minimalistic designs. For instance, rooms would feature more natural light, with window treatments adopting a subtle, down-to-earth style. Accent pieces would come in warm colours, like golden yellow or sage green, and would typically be made with natural materials to give off a warm and inviting feeling.     

home renovation schools
Home renovations in 2021 could feature a zen-inspired aesthetic

Adding Depth and Character to Rooms by Including Textured Elements 

Textured elements in home renovations are becoming increasingly popular, so students in home renovation schools might not be surprised to see the trend for wood details and woven-style accessories continue in 2021. Various elements can feature these types of textures—ranging from walls and flooring to lighting fixtures and cabinets. This can also be applied to statement pieces that tie the whole aesthetic together, showcasing textile wall art, stoneware pieces, or even canvas paintings.

Alternative materials include wicker, rattan, or bamboo—which are slowly making their way to indoor spaces as well as outdoor ones. These materials are popular for their durability, but they’re also eye-catching due to their unique textures. Having them around would definitely bring a light and airy feel to home renovations.  

home renovation training
Textured elements are becoming increasingly popular

Using Your Home Renovation Training to Create Eco-Friendly Spaces 

Home renovation trends for 2021 will strongly favour eco-friendly and sustainable designs and features. Some of these design features include reclaimed wood, which is now becoming an aesthetic choice as well as an eco-conscious decision—used in ceiling beams or countertops, among other places, to add a rustic and homey look to any room. Green walls, also known as vertical gardens, are set to keep trending. The addition of low-maintenance houseplants can effectively change the atmosphere of a room, especially since some plants can naturally help clean the air around us. 

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