Want an HVAC Career? 3 Benefits of Routine Bathroom Fan Maintenance

June 07, 2019

Few components of a home’s HVAC system are put through as much work as the bathroom exhaust fan is. These fans are needed to remove moisture and chemical fumes, both of which tend to be more common in bathrooms than in other rooms.

Despite its importance, most homeowners only take notice of their bathroom fan once something is wrong with it. At that point a quick 5-minute shower can leave the bathroom looking like a steam room! To help avoid that and other uncomfortable situations, here are a few of the benefits of routine bathroom fan maintenance to keep in mind during your HVAC career.

1. Without a Properly Working Bathroom Fan Homeowners Are at Risk of Mold Exposure

When the fan isn’t working properly, then moisture isn’t being removed from the bathroom. Because the bathroom tends to be one of the smallest rooms in the house, moisture released into the air when the shower is turned on becomes trapped and settles on the walls. From there it begins to attract mold very quickly. Some mold is toxic and even some non-toxic mold can cause asthma attacks, allergic reactions, nausea, headaches, and rashes in some people.

Routine maintenance of a bathroom fan is one of the best ways of reducing the risk of mold in a bathroom. Even if the fan is working, dust buildup can cause it to run slowly and less efficiently. By simply inspecting and maintaining a bathroom fan regularly, homeowners can rest assured that their bathroom is safe from mold.

Routine bathroom fan maintenance can prevent mold from building up

2. Pros with an HVAC Career Know Bathroom Fans Improve the Airflow of the Entire House

The fan doesn’t just remove moisture and chemicals from the bathroom; it also removes them from the entire home. To do that, however, the entire exhaust system, such as the ductwork and outlets, must also be working. If there is a leak in the ducts, for example, then the fan may not actually be removing moisture and chemicals from the home.

Instead, they could be leaking into hidden areas of the house, such as in the attic or between floors, where they could cause moisture buildup. As stated above, moisture buildup can lead to mold, but in this case the mold may be hidden and undetectable until it has become a major problem. After HVAC school, you can help homeowners detect these hidden risks by performing routine inspections of a bathroom and home’s entire HVAC system.

HVAC maintenance can help detect hidden problems with a bathroom fan

3. A Problem with a Bathroom Fan Can Make Bathrooms Unpleasant Places

Beyond improving health and safety, bathroom fans also increase the overall comfort of the home. If a bathroom fan isn’t working properly, it can make the bathroom uncomfortable to use. For example, a faulty bathroom fan can cause excessive heat, humidity, and odors that can quickly make the bathroom the least pleasant room in the house.

Another problem that you may encounter in your HVAC career is a bathroom fan that is excessively noisy. This is often the result of poor installation or lack of maintenance. The noise is not only irritating for homeowners, but it can also lead them to stop using the bathroom fan entirely, which in turn can mean that moisture and chemicals are not being safely removed from the house.

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