Solar Energy Technician

Why choose a career in Solar Energy

March 07, 2019

Why choose a career in Solar Energy
Why choose a career in Solar Energy

What is a Solar Energy Technician?

Solar Energy Technician is a skilled trades technician who service and maintain renewable products such as solar panels. Although solar energy systems range from many different products and types, the most commonly referred to type of product in the industry are photovoltaic equipment. Solar Energy Technicians are trained to set-up, operate or repair the solar energy systems. Solar Energy Technicians must have a strong level of understanding of electrical fundamentals in addition to solar energy industry specific skills.


What Solar Energy Certifications are there?

The Solar Energy Industry has a governing body called the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This organization offers certifications and assessment programs for the expanding Solar Energy industry so that potential Solar Energy Technicians will be tested on current Solar Energy standards. This increases the creditability and standards of Technicians working in the industry.

The current certification is called the NABCEP Associate Program. This program is geared towards people working in the industry or trying to gain employment in the industry as a Technician. The NABCEP Associate Program demonstrates that the Technicians have a demonstrated understanding of the principles of Photovoltaics. The skills that individuals would have to demonstrate include installing, designing and operating Photovoltaic equipment.


What are some key terms in the Solar Energy industry?

The Solar Energy Industry has a number of key terms. Below are four key terms that you will come across if you are interested in learning about the Solar Energy Industry.

  1. Photovoltaics System (PV) – A system of several components that absorb sunlight and converts it into usable electricity. The most identifiable component of a photovoltaic system is the Solar Panels but it also includes the Solar Inverter in addition to any mounting equipment and cables.
  2. Solar Inverter – A piece of equipment that converts the photovoltaic solar panel output from direct current into a utility frequency alternating current. The energy is then sent to an electrical grid.
  3. Conversion efficiency – This is the ratio in which sunlight is converted from photovoltaics into electricity that can be used.
  4. Solar Cell – A Solar cell (or photovoltaic cell) converts light energy into electricity. Solar cells rely on the photoelectric effect to work.

What is the career outlook for the Solar Energy Industry?


The Solar Energy Technician career outlook will parallel the expansion of renewable clean energy in today’s economic state. As the world expands the need to for clean energy, Solar Energy Technicians will be needed to install, maintain, operate and repair Solar Energy Systems and products.


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