Key Performance Indicator Survey for Graduates

As a Medix College graduate, your opinion is important to us.

You will be contacted in a few months’ time regarding your participation in the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Graduate Satisfaction Survey. You will be receiving a call in approximately 6 months’ time from your graduation date from FORUM RESEARCH CANADA, a research firm contracted by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

This firm will be collecting information for the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Graduate Satisfaction Survey, to be followed by the KPI Employer Satisfaction Survey. The purpose of these provincial surveys is to measure Medix College’s effectiveness in preparing you for the workplace. The results have an impact on both the college’s level of provincial funding as well as determining future curriculum and program direction. Forum Research Canada requires your consent to contact your employer for their input to the employer survey.

If you missed the call, please call back at toll free number: 1-877-603-6786 ext. 2261 and leave a message at your earliest convenience.

We encourage you and your employer to participate and make a difference to Medix’s future!