Cabinetmaking Training Program – Student Review – Rachel H.

May 01, 2017

Rachel H. is a Cabinetmaking student at the London campus of North American Trade Schools. In her review, she talks about her experience at NATS, her instructors and why she decided to attend the school to study Cabinetmaking.



“My name’s Rachel H. and I’m in cabinetmaking. What I like about my instructor is very supportive, he helps me in situations that I’d get stuck in.

I chose NATS because it will change my perspective in the future. What I enjoy about the campus is it’s very open, very friendly, it feels more like you’re on the job site and it’s easier to communicate with everyone around you.

It’s very, extremely, easy to make friends on campus because I’m very social and I enjoy talking to others and asking for help from someone who’s already done that project or something that I haven’t done yet.

My family is proud of me for choosing NATS. Don’t think twice about coming to NATS, it’s an amazing place to be, I enjoy it you would definitely enjoy it.”

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