Launching a Career in Store Fixture Construction After Cabinet Making Training

March 08, 2022

If you like working with your hands and enjoy woodworking, then a career in store fixture construction could be ideal for you. You’ll enjoy designing and installing fixtures for different clientele after you complete your training in cabinet making.

At NATS, we provide you with hands-on training in cabinet making, where you’ll learn about: design and layout, reading blueprints, using power machines and tools, and much more. These skills will make you a marketable candidate as you set out to launch your career. What kinds of careers could you work towards? Fortunately, there are quite a few options for you to look forward to, including a career working on store fixtures. The store fixture field is full of different opportunities to tap into, benefits to enjoy, and trends to stay on top of. 

Read on to discover what awaits you in store fixture construction!

About Store Fixture Construction

When you choose to specialize in a field, it’s important to know what it’s about. Store fixture construction is the bread and butter of retail stores. The way that store fixtures are designed, made, and displayed bring out the functionality that stores need to show off their merchandise. Cabinet making training will allow you to design and install hardware according to customer specs and according to your recommendations. As a result, stores will rely on your expertise and skills to design functional customized fixtures that can display and hold specific products and items.

After your cabinet making training, you can design and create customized store fixtures for retailers

Experience Variety While Working in Store Fixture Construction

When you choose to specialize in the store fixture construction field, you’ll probably get the chance to work on several projects with different retailers. This will give you the chance to showcase your skills after your cabinet making courses. This career path will also provide you with variety, as you design and install different customized store fixtures for the different retailers that require your services. You’ll also have the opportunity to travel from time to time to different locations and stores across your city or even further afield. With a driver’s license, you can treat your work as a road trip as you drive from one retail store to the next, as you discuss with store owners and managers what fixtures you’ll create to fit their needs.

Check Out Store Fixture Construction Trends After Cabinet Making Training

Retailers are always trying to innovate and come up with new ways to make their store stand out. They want to make sure that they attract customers with fresh, eye-catching designs, and that means that they’re very interested in staying up to date on the latest trends affecting store fixtures. As a result, your career in store fixture construction will let you experience new trends as they make their way into the industry. Some retailers, for example, might be trying to move towards a sophisticated minimalist display of their merchandise using plenty of curves and angles. Minimalism is a big trend right now—especially in retail! However, as time goes on, you’re bound to encounter many other trends as they sweep through store shelves.

Minimalism is a big trend you might encounter if you work on store fixtures

Minimalism is a big trend you might encounter if you work on store fixtures

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